LIKE A BOSS!!!!!!!!

this woman OWN’S!!!! i heard about this the other day and, well….do you REALLY need to ask why i love this? this girl’s a good egg and i’d give her the seed (despite being a blonde) ANYDAY!!!!!


so…..what do you ladies think. WOULDJAH!!!!???

11 Comments on “LIKE A BOSS!!!!!!!!”

  1. Ribbon Butterfly says:

    … can I say astounding? In the truest sense of the word?

  2. Stargate Girl says:

    That was one level headed Mama. How sad about her husband. Losing him to cancer on Christmas. That’s heartbreaking.

    • Totally agree with you Stargate Girl, Danny and Ribbon Butterfly. What presence of mind she had…Top marks for a top girl!
      Her son is one lucky child…

      • dannyfrom504 says:

        she’s tit’s. that 12 gauge is a BEAST too. mine’s more boss though, i can hold 7 shells of death.

        i FINALLY was able to post on your page, but it took a LOT of reposting before it finally went up. i don’t wanna go back there. please don’t make me. lol.

  3. MissMarie says:

    Good on her. I would, in a heartbeat. Daddy made sure I know where the guns and ammo are in the house.

  4. Hellz ya.. Kudos to that double barrelled momma. I’d have done the same. These days you’d have to, law enforcement is so understaffed — even in a small town like mine, the boyz in blue would never get there in time.

  5. dannyfrom504 says:

    MissMarie and Cadence-

    what’s the Police? all i need cops for is the paperwork for AFTER i blast someone that wants to cause me or my loved ones harm.

  6. “This mother takes maternal instinct to a whole ‘nother level.”
    What. No, she doesn’t. You ask your average mother what she’d do if someone threatened her, and she might say “I guess I’d talk to him, try to bargain.” You ask the same woman what she’d do if someone threatened her babies, and her response will be, “I’ll kill them!
    Which is an excellent instinct for a parent to have, in my opinion. She’s badass. I like her.

    Actually, I kind of want to link to this in my upcoming review of “The Gift of Fear.” I’ll see if it works in.

  7. Stargate Girl says:

    Beware the Mama Bear.

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