Blog Ho’s. The Reveal.

you’ll have to check the comments to see the results.

12 Comments on “Blog Ho’s. The Reveal.”

  1. dannyfrom504 says:

    the Ho’s are as follows.

    1. Bellita- this is a pic of Pops Fernandez. she’s a phillipina pop star. Bellita, by her simply being Pinay, sings ALL THE TIME. and she’s a hobby musician, debah Mahal.

    2. FlirtyIntrovert- don’t know her all that well, but i know she’s a fashion chick, so i went with the pic i posted.

    3. Olive- she sent that pic in. i had NO clue what pic to post of her so she helped me out. absolute sweetheart too btw.

    4. Bb- seriously. did you NOT realize the classy, yet elusive Lass of the Sphere? i was gonna post a pic of invisible woman, but figured no one would get it. so i went with Audrey.
    you can NEVER go wrong with flattery. lol.

    5. Jamie- this one was HARD. no point posting a chef pic because that’s be a dead giveaway. so….she sent this pic in. i told you; she a horse of a different color. lol.

    6. Resrieg- yup. that’s her. the bomb as all fuck UCLA girl. trust me…you WISH you knew her.

    7. Susan- lol. considering all the shit she’s been through on the the blog-scene, i figured this would be a great neg for her. lol. you know i love you Tia. lol.

    8. Lily- haven’t talked to her in forever, but she had twins earlier in 2011. so yeah….that’s the reason for the pic.

    9. MissMalice- considering her relatively worrisome nature and her…..well, she’s slightly gothy, i thought this pic was appropriate. it’s also similar to her “old blog email” ho-vatar. lol. so i thought this pic was apropos.

    10. Cadence- Cadence has bewbies. BIG bewbies. so….uh. here’s her ho-vatar pic. i feel the need to mention not only is she totally cool, but she also has an epic rack. thus the pic.

    11. SpaceTraveller- obvious pic. YES. but i’m still getting to know her so this was the best i could come up with. don’t like it……eat me.

    now you know my Ho’s. lol. they’re a great group of women. do yourself a favor and check out their sites.

  2. I was right .. lmao!

    I only know one of your blog pals so it perhaps wasn’t so hard to get right .. will check the others out too πŸ™‚

  3. Hey Danny,

    I might actually be an alien, you know…
    Like one of those green things, you know, like ET and stuff?


    LOVE your sense of humour!

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      Well, I guess in a sense you are an alien since your British living….well, NOT in the UK. And considering the home-runs you’ve been smacking out of the park right out the gate….yer def a blogging Alien.

      Glad you found my site girl.

  4. Hey, my boobs are not THAT big! Just delish! πŸ˜›

  5. The first thing I noticed about mine was the hair. Hahaha.

  6. susanawalsh says:

    OMG, kill me now.

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