OR game

about 2 weeks ago i got called into the OR for a clavicle ORIF. “they need you up there NOW.”

no they didn’t trust me, i know this little game. it means the have scrubbed the patient and they’re about to cut into him, so the attending want’s you at his beck and call. UUUUUH….NO. i screwed around in the Dept for a while then headed up to the OR 20 minutes later. the OR always set’s up my……wait, you probably have NO what’s going on.

during an OR case i provide flouroscopic radiography for the attending. flouroscopy provides real-time images so the attending can see if the plate is in the best possible position. i’m basically a scientific photog. i get up there, sit, sit, sit…….’OK XRAY.” i bring in my machine and scan the patient, save some images for him, then move out of the way and go back to my corner and dick around on my phone. well the Ortho-pod was playing some KILLER music. so it was fun being in there for once.

for those of you that don’t know…it gets VERY pervy in the OR. everyone’s face is covered, and most of the talk is pretty teasing and negging in nature. there’s a LOT of sexual innuendo. so i get to the OR and took a seat at my flouro unit. i was sitting for almost 30 minutes before they needed me. when they finally called me over one of the surgeons (a female) grabbed my flouro  unit to position it.

“uuuuuuh, i really don’t like it when strange women touch my equipment”

she dropped her head and shook it for a moment, there was giggling all throughout the OR. the attending said, “she likes to get hand’s on. don’t mind her HM1.” i replied, “well, until i know her her better, i’d prefer her to be less hands-on.” again, more giggling. i looked at her and winked. a lot of my co-workers HATE going to the OR, i LOVE it. i’m kind of over the whole “it’s really interesting to watch a surgery preformed” trip. depending on the surgeon i VOLUNTEER to go up. lol.

so, this is me, 15 minutes after getting to the OR because, “the attending needs you NOW.”



hurry up and wait, a common meme in the military. Susan got a HUGE laugh from this pic. *sigh*



6 Comments on “OR game”

  1. Ribbon Butterfly says:

    *smiggle* (That’s something between a smirk and a giggle.)

  2. Athor Pel says:

    Those scrubs really conceal the person wearing them. Can barely tell it’s a guy much less you. Only thing giving it away are the arms and hands.

    Do you guys ever take a marker to them, just to relieve some of the tedium, get a laugh, freak out the patients? It being military I kind of doubt it. At least while wearing that “uniform” you don’t have to worry about your gig line or other normal uniform regs.

    So how many sieverts do your nads get a day? You gonna father an x-man mutant one of these days?

  3. dannyfrom504 says:

    because of the large lead shield i’m wearing…NOT MUCH. my boys are perfectly safe.

  4. I had an intelligent comment. Then I got to the photo and it got replaced by “Whaahaha.”
    Still, the “equipment” line is one I wish I could use. I’m not sure what the equivalent would be, given the situations I encounter.
    “Please don’t fondle my avocados” doesn’t pack the same punch.

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