Nuking a 30 year old Feminist

i was at work talking with a guy i had shot a xray on. he was having girl issues and i was listening, giving advice, and talking red-pill SMP stuff. kid.was.fascinated. awestruck. on more than one occasion he said, “jesus. this is a total mind fuck.” before in knew it, there was a woman in her early 30’s that needed an exam done. kid stepped aside and i checked in the woman, who had been listening for a few moments. she said, “pretty interesting perspective. you don’t really believe any of that crap do you.”


i took the MGTOW route  and posited it’s merits and how it’s a movement gaining momentum. i made the normal points that always put the woman debating in a corner. when she finally had nowhere to go. she went with the typical, “spending your life alone schtick”. *sigh* i replied, “girl, that’s what women worry about. not men. yes, there are a certain amount of co-dependent men that NEED to be in ANY kind of relation, but i’m not one of them.” she shook her head and i told her, “how many books do you think exist that try to teach women how to ‘get him to commit’?” she answered that there were quite a few. “right.” i said, “there are quite a few. now…….how many books do you think exist that teach men how to ‘get laid’?” again she answered, “a lot.” again i told her she was right. then asked, “how many books do you think exist about how to make a women commit to you?” she looked like she was thinking so i stepped in, “do you think there are more of these “commit” books for woman or men. she replied there were more for women. i asked her WHY that might be true. she shrugged.

“BECAUSE THERE’S NO FUCKING MARKET FOR IT!!!!!!! what does that tell you?” she looked stunned. “you ladies have made the playing field what it is, and there are a LOT of VERY decent men who have simply decided NOT to play. now, gimme a second, and i’ll set the room up for your exam.”

she didn’t say a single word during the 5 minutes i had her in the room.

14 Comments on “Nuking a 30 year old Feminist”

  1. dannyfrom504 says:

    it was a LAUGHABLY easy point to make. i’m assuming she’s a single mom. i didn’t see a ring.

  2. Women are the gatekeepers of sex.

    Men are the gatekeepers of commitment.

    [Fine, I commented on your damned blog, happy now Sparticus?]

  3. I don’t know if that would actually make her a feminist–possibly, she’d just never had it explained to her like that before. But the refrain she was clinging to is certainly a product of Second-Wave stuff.
    Though frankly, I’d applaud this just because I like to collect stuff that makes a room go silent, even without the perfectly rational argument you hit her with. Which was very nicely done, by the way.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      MM- She might not have had a buzzcut, but trust me, i’ve dealt with military women like this before. She had the typical air of entitlement and superiority about her.

      Yeah, I slipped into a role with her. But from the jump, I was wrong. My opinions….read: OPINIONS on relationships was skewed. Who the fuck am I and why does she give 2 shits about my opinion?

      No, she just wanted to push her views on someone who wasn’t even speaking to her. It was a conversation between 2 guys and she decided to jump in. Well, I doubt she was expecting me to stand up to her, let alone provide a rationale response to counter her; and she got her ass handed to her.

      But thank you for being Lucy Literal Mm. Lol. Geeeez.

      Sent from my iPhone

  4. Mark Slater says:

    You can hardly blame her. She was, until then, probably quite accustomed to men backing off or mumbling assent after one of her interruptions.

    Good ol’ Danny from (504). Power-trip security officers and proto-feminists beware!

    Your encounter no doubt helped this woman quite a bit, or at least gave her something to chew on.

  5. Looking Glass says:

    Keep rocking, Danny!

  6. BeijaFlor says:

    Spot on, Danny. I hope she was indeed mulling it over, even to try to deny it in her own little head, while she was being so silent as you took your X-rays.

    And I wonder how life is going to look when Femintern (little play on Comintern there) recognizes that the pendulum is indeed swinging back, and it’s about to crash into them? She may have gotten a glimmer, there.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      thanks for stopping by Sir.

      i think women are starting to see a change. but to be honest, as a man, what they think or will do about it shouldn’t be of any consequence to you. IF you’re the type that at some point wants a woman in your life, you simply HAVE to make YOU your priority. if you’re a good man, a good woman will know it and respect your POV in regards to relationship and marriage (if you so choose that).

      wait until my post later about the Kobe Bryant divorce.

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