504 Day Game

i was at work today and i had a young lady come my desk for a xray. she was in civilian attire, that’s a no-no. active duty needs to be in Military Uniform. when i inquired if she were active duty or not and she meekly admitted she was. she knew she was in trouble. i asked her if she were on leave or not and again…”no”. i looked up at her and she IMMEDIATELY went into her sob-story about how she had been up late, and got called in for a rehearsal, and BLAH BLAH BLAH. all patients do this. ALL of them. i negged her with, “shipmate shipmate, why are you such a piece of…..?” she laughed. i checked her in and brought her to the changing room so she could put on her paper shorts. i set up the room and when she walked in i gave her instructions and started on her again about not being in uniform. i did the first 2 scans and made a neg about her feet being smelly. she squealed and told me they DID NOT smell, and said if i kept it up she’d get a complex.

ok. by this point it was pretty clear we were both in flirt mode. let the dance begin.

she’s about 5’9″, brunette, face 7, body, 7 (thin and kind of athletic), personality 7 (for now, but she was cool). i kept up with the smelly feet bit and after, i positioned her leg for her final scan. well in doing this i had to hold her ankle and put her leg in the position i needed for the picture. i was still telling her about her smelly feet when i took my hand and moved it towards her face and said, “here….see for yourself.” she winced and laughed and said, “NOOOO!!”. this was TOO easy. well i finished the pictures and told her she could leave and that we were done.

she left the room and i was trying to finish her exam to maybe meet her outside but before i could close out the exam i could hear the dressing room close and i knew she was gone. oh well. well….as i walked back to me desk, what do i see……she’s standing at the front desk smiling.


before i could speak, she said, “i just wanted to say thank you for doing my exam.” *yeah, RIIIIIIGHT* i sat down and we started talking. then the talk got a bit more personal. her tone of voice, demeanor, and her trying to keep the conversation going told me everything i needed to know. after about 10 minutes i had another patient come to the desk for a xray. she turned to walk away so i could tend to my new patient, but i could see she was STIIIIILL kind of lingering. i told her, “don’t be a stranger.” she smiled and said, “OH, i WON’T.” i wonder when she’ll come back? i’m guessing if she doesn’t “end up” having to stop by the clinic by friday, i’ll never see her again. and that’s fine.


ok kids, WHY didn’t i ask for her number? easy: she’s a fucking patient. it’s VERY inappropriate to hit on patients. YES i had obvious IOI’s. BUUUUUUUT…..i still had to hold back. that’s why i made the comment i did at the end. if she comes back…number close. secondly, i didn’t really WANT her number. i was just messing around with her and having fun. but i was able to interpret her reactions and mannerisms and deduce she was at least SLIGHTLY into me. if she comes back, THEN i’ll get her number and take it over from there. but remember, she’s active duty military…..not my cup-o-tea.

i should ALSO admit that i kind of have something in the works with someone else. i won’t go into ANYMORE details about her. but she DOES know i blog and she plans on stopping by. since i’m talking to her, i cannot and WILL NOT give up my analysis of her. but i’ve mentioned her here before and well…….we’ll see. lol.


stay up.

2 Comments on “504 Day Game”

  1. WHY didn’t i ask for her number? easy: she’s a fucking patient.
    There’s people who wouldn’t understand that and it makes me sad.

    I’m astounded that the smelly feet thing could be made into flirting, but that could be because if anyone tells me at any point that there’s a part of my body that doesn’t smell good, I go directly into Spaz Mode.
    “Oh god how did I not notice ok excuse me I have to go do something about this now.”

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