My new Girl

the first time i saw her, i knew. I KNEW. i knew i had to have her. i checked her out, found out what i could about her, and i knew she fit into JUUUUST what i was looking for. she’s elegant, sleek, beautiful, and VERY efficient. she brings a LOT to the table, and we all know how important that is. well she’s a good girl, and i knew that it was just a matter of time before she she was mine. she was juuust out of reach but i knew if i kept at it, i’d have her. never lost sight of the prize, and i stayed positive.

well, today…i landed her. FINALLY. it felt great when i finally held her, had her close and KNEW she was mine. so now everyone. here’s my girl. take a look…..







my new girl. ain't she a beaut.

30-30 round is on the left. the AK's 7.62.39 is on the right. i know the 30-30 LOOKS bigger, but it IS NOT as powerful as the 7.62. looks can be deceiving.

this is a winchester 1894 lever action 30-30. scoped her out with a barsca scope. effective range is about 200 yards, scopes good up to 300 yards. she’s my deer gun. she’s perfect for me: she’s lightweight, not a lot of recoil, efficient, and i prefer lever action to bolt action. i can stay glassed on a target and reload quicker than i can wi action th a bolt. ballistics are slightly smaller than my AK, but bigger than a .308. also good for the zombies. fucking zombies.

8 Comments on “My new Girl”

  1. Stargate Girl says:

    If I got excited over guns…… I’d be dripping wet….

  2. jamie says:

    I love it when you talk dirty.

  3. MissMarie says:

    HOT. What’s her name? Lol

  4. I got three sentences in and went, “It’s a gun! Is it a pretty gun?”
    The answer is yes.

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