When a Woman does it right

i had been dating her  for just a few months, but i knew i was in trouble. i was in love, but i didn’t realize it. i fell hard for this girl. the proverbial lightning had struck, the chemistry was perfect. there was just a small problem, she was going back to LA in 2 months. as much as i felt for her, i tried to keep this sense of “just enjoy it while it lasts but don’t get your hopes up” about the whole thing. to everyone else on base, she was an ice-queen. after word got around that i was dating her the guys starting asking about her. people (guys) would see her and i and how she seemed at ease, pleasant and VERY feminine. the thing was, they guys that “knew” her only knew that when they hit on her, they got shot down. when they tried to chat her up at work, she was all business. and i tried to explain that to people. “dude, i never hit on her. EVER, as a matter of fact she came on to me.” which was true. i had seen her at my clinic, and even had to check her in once. i knew who was, but never opened. she ended up coming back and i made an error with her appointment and long story short, i made her come in for a follow-up when she was supposed to be at home. i.felt.awful. seriously, me making errors with patient care is RARE. when the mistake was brought up the doctor seeing her made mention of me making it up to her by taking her to lunch. i mentioned her boyfriend not approving of that idea and she immediately informed me of her “not having a boyfriend.” whatev’s, i went back to work.

i went back to the front desk and 15 minutes later she showed up, looked at me and said, “when i feel better i’m gonna have my imaginary boyfriend beat you up.” i told her that i really felt bad about the whole deal, so if she were trying to hurt my feelings, she was doing a great job. she made mention of me making it up to her by taking to her get ice-cream. i brought up not knowing how to get in touch with her and she told me to look her number up in the computer. she walked off. everyone at the front desk was staring at me (most were women). one of the girls (a lesbian) jumped right in when she walked out the clinic, “dude Danny’s sooo about to get laid.” lol.

fast forward 2 months later. we’ve spent everyday since out first date together. and it didn’t feel odd. i WANTED her there. we got along great. she was mexican, from LA, 4’11”, and VERY beautiful. cool girl as well. honestly, had she had more time in NO and we hadn’t had to rush things, it may have turned out very different for us. fucking Navy. we were driving home one day after work and by and large she ran the radio because 4-5pm NO traffic is BRUTAL. i don’t know why but i was in a pissy mood. she was listening to one of the urban channels, i HATE rap and am not a fan of RnB. we were about 15 minutes from my apartment and while we were sitting at a red light i commented, “do we have to keep listening to this shit?” she looked at me confused, “you don’t like it?” she responded. i didn’t even look at her, “no, i don’t like rap.” she was still looking at me and she replied, ” baby, it’s your car, listen to whatever you like.” i sighed, “yeah, i know, but it’s just i know how much you like this, so i tolerate it and try to tune it out.” she looked me and said, “well baby, change the channel, it’s ok. i don’t HAVE to listen to 93 all the time.” i changed the channel and said, “i just tried not to let it get to me, that’s all.” she said, “well, i can see that i does bother you to an extent, so let’s mix up and listen to each other’s music, ok.” i told her ok and by this point we were driving again. after 2-3 minutes, she turned off the radio at the next red light, and hit me with…

“Danny, i don’t appreciate you snapping at me about something you don’t the balls bring to my attention. i’m not some radio commando and i’m not trying to run the car. but for God’s sake, if something i do bothers you, be a man let me know. don’t hold it in then snap at me later for no reason other than you don’t want to bring it to my attention for fear of upsetting me. makes me feel like you can’t talk to me.” she turned the radio back on and went back to facing forward.

touche’. she was right, i had no argument. she was the only girl to come at me like that, and it made me feel even more strongly for her. i dug her strength and moxie. she was honest, and stood up for herself without being a nagging shrew.

she did it right.

8 Comments on “When a Woman does it right”

  1. OMG I looove this story. Moxie gallore!

  2. Phoenix says:

    Good story. She’s telling you to man up.
    Your grammar needs some work though. You almost lost me a few times.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      I appreciate your stopping by and commenting.

      Part of the charm of my site, i’ve been told, is it’s blue collar approach. My posts are cranked out in 30-45 minutes. Cuz well…..it’s just a blog.

  3. I want to be her when I grow up. Seriously. I have such a hard time calling people on things at the time and that was just so well done.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      yeah, i really couldn’t fault her. i kind of liked the fact that she did it. i HATE weak willed women.

      one thing about Latinas, they HATE whiny, wishy-washy guys. we started dating after she’d been on the base for 8 months. no surprise she didn’t date anyone….all the guys kissed her ass (from what she told me after we had been together for a little while). i asked her what made her decide to give me a shot and she said, “you seemed like a challenge, but you seemed genuine.”

      such a good girl. and the inceident i posted about was our only “spat” until she left. then the whole thing just imploded. lol.

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