Male Social Dynamics: Calling a guy out.

there are many different sides to the Navy. well, on planet danny there are 2 primary sides: blue side and green side. blue side= ships. green side= USMC. i’m currently at the clinic on the base instead of the hospital. i LOVE it there. i’m the ONLY person in Radiology. i have no boss. i report to 2 people and as long as i’m at work they leave me to my own devices. see…it’s like this. NO ONE else can do my job. no one. if the images are coming out light they have no clue how to adjust the Kvp or MaS, hell they don’t even know the proper techniques if they weren’t preprogrammed. if the IR isn’t producing an image, they have no idea how to trouble shoot. however, if someone’s missing in the pharmacy….i could go in there and count pills. if the lab tech is gone…..i could draw blood and process labs if need be. they need an HM in physicals, i know the paper work and process as well. but if i’m not at work, no one can run radiology. so basically everyone leaves HM1 alone.

i’ve never really worked around the air side of the navy and the clinic primarily sees pilots and plane mechanics. pilots are either assholes or REALLY cool. i came back from lunch about 2 minutes past 1pm. i saw a pilot sitting on the bench by my front desk with crutches. i walked in and changed into my uniform. i went to my front desk and logged into my computer so i can check in patients. guy was an O4 (Lt Commander….MUCH higher rank than me) and as soon as i walked to the desk he started hobbling over. i looked at the clock on the computer: 1:05. he got to the front desk and looked at the sign that said i was at lunch but would be back at 1:00. he looked at his watch. i was putting his data into the computer and asked for the last 4 of his SSN. he said, little late there huh, HM1.” i looked dead in his eyes and said. “yup.” (a pretty disrespectful move on my part) and kept staring at him. after a few seconds he told me his last 4 and i kept looking at him. i finally punched in his info and arrived him. then said my standard, “just have a seat, let me set the room up and we’ll get you knocked out.”

what a fucking dick. he had a very snarky tone in his voice when he told me what he did. i walked over to the girl who works in Optometry (an E5) and told her what happened (she get’s shit like that all the time). “you’re gonna get in trouble HM1.” she said laughing. “fuck him.” i told her. i called the guy in and he his attitude had done a 180. he was joking and laughing about “torquing his knee.”

basically, i took his rank away from him and addressed him man-to-man. he wasn’t some super cool pilot, he’s was a dude with a hurt knee. i just reminded him of that. he needs to save that shit for the flight-line because he ain’t SHIT in my department.

2 Comments on “Male Social Dynamics: Calling a guy out.”

  1. Puts his pants on one leg at a time just like everyone else… I hate it when people forget that & treat some random human like he’s God. Respect the rank (or badge, in my world) ya, but he needs to respect it too & not be a dick.

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