Going home soon….

a week from now i’ll be at home in NO. when i put in for leave i had no idea mardi gras was gonna be going down. look, i stay away from the parades, seriously. crowds make my PTSD go ape-shit. BUT, since i’m going to be in the city i giving an open invitation: if you’re going to be in the NO, shoot me an email and you can buy me a beer in exchange for showing you the lovely nouvelle orleans. which is french for a whale’s vagina. wokka wokka.

this trip is going to be kind of hit or miss for me. i’ll really only be able to go to the quarter during the weekdays, it’ll be bat-shit full blown loco on the weekends. but it’ll be the first time in NO for mardi gras since 2002. i have a cousin that rides in Krewe of Orpheus. knowing someone in a Krewe is GOLD you get BOMBED with shit. beads, doubloons, panties, toys, cups (i collect the cups to use around the house). when i was a kid i used to consider it a personal failure if i didn’t get a cup from the parade. i’d get at least one per parade. if i got more…WINSAUCE!!! my tiny ass would follow a float for a block asking for a cup. lol. god was i a tool.

now mardi gras originated in mobile alabama around 1720. they still do it, but we OWN mardi gras. fah serious. well, bienville moved the capital of louisiana from mobile to NO and in aroun 1723 NO had it first mardi gras. the official colors are purple, green, and gold. WHY? because there was a VIP in the city and there was a huge party for him. the only colos available were, you guessed it. c’est la vie.

if you want to have fun, throw mardi gras flashing into google and go to “images”. yer welcome.

a traditional new orleans “second-line”. when you die we….well, read below the video. THIS is my city. we suck the marrow out of life.

bourbon street. NOW do get why i avoid it?

parade uptown. this is more "family friendly" area to view the parades.

this is why the families stay uptown and danny goes DOWNTOWN. lol. tits or GTFO.

and there is NO shortage of them.

11 Comments on “Going home soon….”

  1. Stargate Girl says:

    I would gladly buy you a couple of beers if I could make it to New Orleans. But, alas, tis not to be 😦

  2. I have green and purple beads from a trip there 4yrs ago .. does that mean I wasn’t as flashy as I shoulda??

  3. MissMarie says:

    I could *never* attend that melee, I would absolutely faint. And then probably be trampled.

    Have fun for me!

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      like i said, had i KNOWN that was the time mardi gras was going down, i’d have waited. i won’t be in the quarter unless i need to be. even metairie (where 90% of my family is) will be chaotic.

  4. Yep. Scrolled down to the crowd photo and went, “Gnah! Badness!”
    The floats are pretty cool, though. I hope you have a good time, even though it’ll be pretty bustling.

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