Into the Locker Room. 20 minute ONS close

ladies, you’ve been warned.


i’ve never shared this with ANYONE, and i can’t believe i’m sharing it now.*sigh* i was talking with a prominent blogger and told him about this, he told me i HAD to post it. i ran this routine for over 2 years while i was stationed in New Orleans (1999-2003). ok, i lived in metairie and there’s an area called “fat city” that’s like a mini seedy french quarter. it was about 10 minutes from my house and you could find ANY manner of bar club out there. well where i lived there were 4-5 bars where everyone “pre-gamed” before heading out to fat-city. thursday was always ladies night and friday and saturday nights usually saw decent action. i hunt alone, i don’t need/like wingmen (INTJ ftw). there was one place very close to my house that was kind of a piano bar. cool place, crowd was a little bit older. i was 27-28 at the time, but i looked MUCH younger. on certain nights i noticed a woman would come in alone, take a seat, order a drink, sip at it (there were no cell phones then), look around, finish her drink, then leave. “that’s kind of odd.” i thought. look, i LOVE to people watch. and i know most women don’t go out alone. then, one night. a woman came in early 30’s, dressed nice, pretty; came in and ordered a drink and sat down. she looked around often and finally some guy walked up and shook her hand. he stayed there for about 2-3 minutes talking with her before she got up and sat at an empty table with him. they talked for about 10-15 minutes then…..they left. i noticed while talking he’d lean in and she’d laugh and place her hand on her chest. i was MESMERIZED. after they left i sat and thought about what i had just seen. i was blown away. the 2 of them didn’t know each other either, i KNEW that.

so i waited and watched, and i noticed the following pattern.

  • 30’ish
  • comes in alone
  • sit by herself and no one meets up with her
  • orders and nurses a drink
  • scans the room frequently
  • leaves after one drink

the next time a woman fitting the above came in, i waited and after she had scanned the room, i made eye contact and smiled. she smiled back. i got up and went to talk with her, “hi there….what’s your name.” that was it, that’s all it took. she entertained a conversation for 2-3 minutes and i suggested we “moved to a place where we can talk alone.” she agreed and we went to a table. i commented on her outfit. i’ve ALWAYS been a flirt. so escalating wasn’t a problem. when she was almost done with her drink, i said, “you better not have another one of those.” i think she said something along the lines of why not, and i said, “because this place is boring, let’s head back to my place…i have a great bottle of wine i brought back from italy.”  now during our flirting i mentioned living in Italy for 3 years and showed her my proficiency in the language and talked about my cooking ability (DHV). i made her laugh and had IOI’s. she said, “hmmm, why not. never had wine from Sicily before.” we had talked maybe 20 minutes. 15 minutes later we were making out VERY heavily in my living room. 9am saturday morning she was showering and by 10:30 she was gone. NO NUMBER, just sex.

i ran this for over 2 years until i met my gf. it worked 98% of the time. i’d usually pull one a month. i DOUBT this will work on GIRLS, and by girls i mean the 18-26 crowd. now i admit, i might not work in all areas. i don’t like giving shit like this out because i don’t want people to try it, not pull it off and think i’m full of shit, but i WORKED FOR ME. pick the venues well, and if you’ve been reading and have at least an understanding of game, you should do well.


WHY DOES IT WORK: older women tend to be more relaxed and open sexually, and they RARELY head to a bar alone. they typically won’t approach you because that would be “slutty”. but she WANTS to be opened. her hamster will rationalize the ONS as “it just kind of happened.” it’s not really dark game because she WANTS to get laid. if you think she’s cute, pony up and let her “use you.” good luck and happy hunting.


stay up.


this was my pre-game going out to hunt soundtrack. LOVE Kool Keef. this was back when i still listened to hip-hop

13 Comments on “Into the Locker Room. 20 minute ONS close”

  1. YOHAMI says:

    Thats how its done.

  2. “Prominent blogger”?

    Regardless, that’s some good shit, right there.

  3. Bill says:

    Danny, I ran something similar when I was in my early 20s and single. I had no idea what I was doing or why it worked, but it works a lead pipe cinch.

    BTW, I’m also an INTJ.

    I’m starting to think I need to make a road trip to Metarie while you’re there and share a beer.

  4. Marellus says:


    I’ve linked your blog post to this blog. What you wrote here is indeed food for thought.

  5. While I appeeciate your first line disclaimer… I’d say these women knew what they were doin’. HA! & you thougt YOU were the one hunting!

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