Male Social Dynamics: Fight Nite at the Local

as Brody mentioned yesterday, i have bacterial pneumonia. before last night, all i had eaten was  a cup of cottage cheese. well last night i was actually a bit hungry and decided to go to the local have a bite to eat, then come back to the house. my original plan was to drive down to NO today but figured i’d be better off sleeping in for a day or two THEN drive to NO.

i got into a fight.

i sat down in my usual spot, i ordered my food (10 wings) and decided to have a beer. i felt like shit, and looked it too. i noticed a guy looking my direction every once in a while he’d look at his buddy and laugh. i got pissed off and took off my chain and glasses. the next time he looked in my way i looked him in the eye and said across the bar “que chinga mira?” (the fuck you looking at). he got up and walked over to me and said, “what did you say?” i told him, “why are you staring me bro?” he laughed and told me he was staring at the girls at the table behind me. i said, “oh, shit, i didn’t realize that. sorry man.” i turned to sit back down and he grabbed my shoulder and kept me from turning around. “no, it’s too late for that.”

oh boy. no bueno. you DO NOT put your hands on me in a threatening manner.

i looked at him for 2 seconds and said, “what did you say.” he was about to speak, and once he started he poked me in the chest. i then grabbed his head and smashed the front of his nose with my forehead. he immediately grabbed his face and as he bent forward i dropped a bomb the left side of his face. i stepped back and put both hands in the air. his slumped over on the ground. i already knew they were calling the police. i told the manager what he had to do to fix up thee guy. they got towels and ice for his nose. there was blood all over him. the whole exchange was over in 5 seconds.

what i did was something they teach in krav maga. it’s a VERY basic move. the nose is a small fragile bone at the top, the rest is cartilage. if you break that bone it causes hyper-lacrimation and bleeds PROFUSELY. basically they tear up and cover their face when you do this. it renders your foe immediately incapacitated.  the manager made the comments to the police and witness told the cops it was self-defense, they asked if i wanted to press charges and i said no. they took a statement from me, and left.


i finished my beer, paid my tab and went home. my hands a bit red, but that’s all.


i still feel God awful if anyone is wondering. and i’m planning on heading to NO saturday morning. i stopped and had some menudo around 5pm. menudo is thought to be a curing soup. so i figured it might help. menudo is tripe, a deep red chili soup base, and you garnish it with tomato, onion, cilantro, and lime juice. it was AWESOME. too bad i could only eat half of it.

menudo. it's an acquired delicacy. most gabachos won't eat it.


Brody asked me to play a song for his Dear Spacetraveller. so this is for you Governess, from him.

13 Comments on “Male Social Dynamics: Fight Nite at the Local”

  1. Bill says:

    Sorry you’re sick, Danny. Get well soon.

    And nice move on nasal-boy.

  2. Thanks Brody. You made my day, sugar!
    I am feeling homesick from seeing all those images of London 🙂

    How could you let Danny get in a fight?
    You were supposed to keep him out of trouble, mate!

    Nevermind, darlin’. I forgive ya.

  3. OffTheCuff says:

    So you send a guy to the hospital, and they ask if YOU want to press charges?

    I’m glad I understand how the world really operates now!

  4. booooo on the bacteria pneumonia.. Yeah on the face smash!

  5. I always got told “Chop at the nose with one hand, use the heel of the other hand to hit the nose straight up.” Forehead-to-nose, considering any possible height differences, seems like it would be pretty handy.
    Guy had it coming. Nicely done.

    I hope the soup helps! Hot spices like cayenne or chili powder are generally believed in herbalism to “light a fire” for the healing process and often get combined with other herbs as a sort of “Get things moving, dammit” ingredient.

    This has been your dose of Useless Trivia from Miss Malice. Please stand by for normal service to be resumed.

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