The best Medicine

i woke up and immediately thought, “i want tacos.” i took a shower and headed out. i was in a pretty decent mood since i had to pick up my girl. i took her in yesterday to get some work done and today she was ready to go. i headed to the restaurant and got 2 tacos; one carne asada and the other carnitas (a type of shredded pork). this place is GANGSTA!!!!! it’s the real deal, none of the waitress’ speak english btw and 2 of them are REALLY cute (more on that  later). i ate my tacos and drank my lime water and headed over to get my girl.

i got the AK converted to full-auto. that’s right, i now have a fully automatic WASR AK-47. it empties a 20 round magazine in less than 10 seconds. I LOVE IT!!!!!! i was giddy as i drove home and now i REALLY need to get to NO so i go take her out and dump lead down range.

i’ll keep you all posted on the 2 mexican girls at the restaurant. they are VERY flirty with me. and if there’s one thing i’m good at, it’s messing with mexican girls. this should be fun.

it’s funny how simple things can turn your mood around, but i’m really amped to have the AK upgraded, and nothing makes a day better than good taco’s. now i just need to get into their tacos. lol. oh, i number closed a stripper last night. no point on a field report since it was pretty anti-climactic. so…yeah there’s that.

and i am feeling a little better, so i appreciate everyone’s well-wishes. thanks.

stay up.

3 Comments on “The best Medicine”

  1. Bill says:

    I gotta meet you, Danny. A full auto AK…

  2. “I want tacos”

    Im laughing out loud because I know exactly that feeling

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