Home again and advice from the Abuelito

i finally made into NO yesterday. the 8 hour drive passed relatively quickly…thank God. my abuelita passed last june and we’re all REALLY surprised my paw-paw is still up and kicking.  i’ll be staying with him while i’m out here since he’s fucking 88 and not likely to be around much longer. my Paw-Paw raised me. he’s my male role-model. my dad’s a fucking demon that beat the shit out of me until i finally had the good sense to head out on my own. i fucking LOVE my abuelito (grandfather). he’s a WWII Sailor and Ladies man like you’ve never seen before. i’ve been to crawfish boils at my sisters where he had the girls popping out their tits. he taught me ALL about women. i watched him and molded myself off his example. he was married to my maw-maw for 67 years (RIP Mamma-Cat). never cheated. not once, but DAMMIT does my Paw paw drive the ladies wild.

my family is VERY close. i’m talking mafia close. the men look after the women folk and the women folk give the men shit. give it a name. but….we look after each other. my mother is mexican and cajun. my dad is french and houma indian. i spent 80% of my life in the home of my mother’s parent’s. now, on my mother’s side…..my grandmother was 100% Cajun: clan LeBlanc. the LeBlanc’s were one of the original families to settle in louisiana. she taught me the recipes that were handed down to her since the 1700’s. yes, seriously….1700’s. my grandfather’s mexican, and a Sailor/Musician. my grandparent’s went through MANY ups and down during their marriage. my grandfather played piano in jazz bars in NO, and when he fucked up my grandmother  would get asked by her friends, “why do you put up with Ricky’s shit. you need to leave his ass.” my maw-maw would reply, “if i had wanted vanilla, i’d have married vanilla.”  i won’t go into the details of their final moments together, but i’ll say this……anyone that want’s to tell me love is non-existent can eat a bowl of dick. she died kissing him. and all of their kids were there to see it.

i’m posting this as a precursor to my next post about VD. i sat up last night with my paw-paw drinking beers and talking about women. he passed on the following-

“Nieto (grandson), when a woman tells you something, there’s always 3 sides to it: what she tells you, what she tells her friends, and what she tells herself. she’s free to defer to whatever explanation suits her.”

“Danny, women always like men that like women. now i don’t mean like women in a sexual way, but in  a manner that is about true adoration. they appreciate what a woman is and does. a good woman is a great find. i’m glad i found mine….i can’t wait for you to find your’s.”

how do you not glow when you hear an octogenarian  pass on wisdom like that. now you know why i’m staying at his house this week.

the abuelito housing some crawfish i brought us.

i took the abuelito to hooters today for lunch, then headed out to the Quarter for some fun. currently sitting at my mom’s house waiting for the baby sis to show up so we can have some gumbo and jalepeno sausage. all is right in the world.

stay up.

chicken sausage gumbo and cajun jalepeno sositch. nommy nom nommers


8 Comments on “Home again and advice from the Abuelito”

  1. Bill says:

    Glad you made it safely to NO, Danny.

    Your family sound like treasures.

  2. dannyfrom504 says:

    Seriously. My family owns. Me and paw-paw are watching a special about the history of maradi grad.

  3. Danny,
    Abuelito is right. But you already know that 🙂

  4. Looooove the abuelito! They were both brilliant.. And the line about vanilla totally rocks. I have tattooed it on my brain for reminder, and future snarky comment to be flung at a momentarily unsupportive friend or family member!

  5. “Nieto (grandson), when a woman tells you something, there’s always 3 sides to it: what she tells you, what she tells her friends, and what she tells herself. she’s free to defer to whatever explanation suits her.”

    That’s my favorite. Easily.

    I love this post.

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