Occupy Valentine’s Day

Privateman (i still don’t know how to do that fucking thing where you embed a url in a title. fml) posted about his “occupy valentine’s day”, and i admit……i’m down.


i’m not saying ALL woman have an overblown sense of entitlement about VD, but a lot DO. i’m sicily there’s VD and a VD specifically for men. my gf went WAAAAAY overboard to nurture and coddle me. it was fucking terrific. she didn’t have money, so i didn’t expect gift and i have to admit, it was pretty cool having her cater to me like she did. of course, i took her to Venice with me and on a trip where we circumvented the island over a weekend. but……whatev’s. lol.

tomorrow, for VD i’m taking my mother and baby sister to house Vietnamese food for lunch. they’re my girls, and they deserve it.

16 Comments on “Occupy Valentine’s Day”

  1. Your grandparents sound like wonderful folk. How beautiful how your grandma’s last moments were. 67 years is an impressive life together. I thought my parents were rocking it at 60yrs together. Your PawPaw sounds like a man with the devil on his shoulder. He sounds like a lot of fun. enjoy the time you have with him.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      Lol. Oh I will. My paw paw is tits. He was showing me a book with all the family recipes that need to be handed down. Crawfish bisque. Stuffed crawfish. Rabbit sauce piquant. Cajun stuffed bell peppers. Cajun Cochon avec buerre rouge (Cajun pork with red butter sauce). Oooooold recipes.

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      • Stingray says:

        Holy crap, I think I would would murder to get my hands on that book.

      • dannyfrom504 says:


        you can expect recipe posts Love. lol.

      • Stingray says:

        Thank God. That crawfish bisque sounds amazing.

        As regards VD, Don’t celebrate it at all. Told my husband shortly after we married to please not bother. If you feel moved to do something for me, that would be very nice. Please do not feel the need to do because of a stupid gimmee day.

        As a joke, I got my husband a Twilight VD card (I didn’t even give it to him until yesterday because I forgot all all about it). He didn’t even know who the characters were. I was so proud.

  2. technical note, to embed the url thing…

    just type

    insert word you want on page here

    ….yer welcome….

    and yeah, Vietnamese food rocks….

  3. MissMarie says:

    I hate Valentine’s Day, it’s so stupid. If you don’t love me the rest of the year what good are flowers and chocolate gonna do? And if you do, why on Earth would I NEED flowers and chocolate on a specific day? Eff that jazz…

    And your paw paw? Awesome!

  4. I like V-day & you are right D.. It can be terrific without costing a thing. Too bad there are bitches out there acting all entitled and ruining it.

  5. Badger says:

    Being with a nurturing, giving woman is great, and such a departure from so many of the rest of them. It truly lights up your life.

  6. I spent my Valentine’s Day cracking jokes with other people who hate Valentine’s Day. My favorite was, “In order to really celebrate the day properly, we should go find some dude and cut his head off.”
    Close second was “Happy Obligated Romance Day!”

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