More on Fighting

for some reason, the stuff about fighting has resonated… i guess i’ll feed the beast. here’s something from the local by my paw-paw’s and it feature’s a punching-bag game. there was a kid (bigger than me, but same height) who was rocking that thing. he saw me watching him and invited me to swing. he was CLOCKING this thing. i’ve never done this bitch before but thought,  “what the hell.” the high score was 844, kid was rocking it around 700. here, see for yourself.

my turn.


now you know why i run Krav-Maga. it’s quick, brutal and effective. i’m not doing much damage straight from the chest, but i’ll fucking OWN you with krav. lol.

taking my paw-paw out to the parade tonight. he’s not up to going into the city, so i’ll be staying local here in metairie. i’ll post footage later on.

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