Mardi Gras has fallen upon New Orleans

this weekend kicked off the official Mardi Gras weekend, and the weather has been absolutely HORRENDOUS!!!!!!!! look, the pacific norwest can’t even fuck with new orleans rain. i woke up around noon and decided i owed it to you guys to go into the city and get my fun on. sadly, i’m not quick enough with the camera to get some tits for you guys, but…i did see my share today.

as soon as i got in i hit the french market to get my sister’s hammock seat (see, i AM a good big brother). then i copped a t-shirt for my friend- it’s a black tank top and says, “voodoo doll” underneath it says,”poke me, stick me, make me do bad things.” tit’s right? i dropped the stuff off in my car (i actually found a parking spot right off decatur and esplanade…KILLER) and headed back into the trenches, i knew the rain was coming so i headed up royal with it’s HUGE balconies. then i turned onto to bourbon…..and it wasn’t too bad. went to tropical isle to get a hand grenade and i chatted up a 4 set from dallas. yes….i was flirty but i didn’t feel like escalating. then i headed to krazy korner to see if maryana was working. NOPE. i ran into michelle (a bartender whom i VAGUELY remember) and went into angies (she’s the manager and a high school friend) office to say hello. talked to her for 10 minutes then went to BBC, chatted up the stage MC then saw a bartender i recognized……ALICIA!!!!! i chatted alicia up last halloween and i when i saw her she recognized me and said, “didn’t you take my picture when i was dressed up.” i told her i had and she said she was wondering if she were going to see me again. well, allicia is: 5′, 125, 7/6/8 (face/body/personality). i told her i was meeting up with some friends (bullshit) and that i’d come talk to her later. i got her number and headed out.

a friend in florida asked me to get a pic with the "turd guy". this is him. see what a good pal i am.

by this time the rain was starting to pick up. i headed back to krazy korner and went out on the balcony. i had some beads to throw to girls but no really worthy specimens were biting.

i went inside. i had a seat at the upstairs bar and i was dicking around on my phone when someone kissed me on the cheek. i look to my left and it’s maryana. i smiled, gave her a hug, then gave her a proper kiss. she was working the downstairs side bar but it was too loud with the band (yeah, i’m getting old) so i decided to go to tropical isle. by this time it was POURING outside. what…don’t believe me, see for yourself. notice the water level on the street please, there’s a quiz later.

then i grabbed this clip 10 minutes later so you could see how quick the water had risen.

around 3:00 i decided i’d had enough of a buzz and decided to get some stuff done. i drove back into metairie and grabbed some popeye’s (mae’s scotch house closed early….fucker’s) and stocked up on some sositch and boudin for the trip home monday. then i went to visit nicole (baby daddy was there……awkward. lol) and mostly played with her daughter kaylee, kaylee LOVES me. it’s a good opportunity to practice some game, playing with a 4 year old girl is EXACTLY like gaming a woman, seriously. if you can make a young girl squeal and laugh when you play with her you have MAD game. kaylee was eating out of my hand…….which made mom (nicole) tingle like there’s no tomorrow. lol.

i scooped paw-paw up around 7 and headed into metairie to see krewe of isis (an all woman parade). it was a quick run and thankfully the weather held up. but…it.was.COLD. holy crap that parade couldn’t finish fast enough. paw-paw had a good time though so that’s really all that matters.

hope you guys got a decent feel for the city during mardi gras with this post.

stay up.

8 Comments on “Mardi Gras has fallen upon New Orleans”

  1. Danny,
    When’s the next flight out to NO?

  2. The poo guy from South Park. I’ll be damned.
    That rain is glorious.

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