Male Social Dynamics: Appreciation

i was just past tallahassee and had stopped for gas and to let brody stretch his legs with a small walk. after doing what i needed to do i was walking back to the car to let brody in and i noticed a car had pulled in next to mine. there was a guy in his late 20’s, a woman in her 60’s and a girl about 5 in the car. the guy was tall, tatted up and had earring in both ears. i pretty much dismissed him as some redneck dick-face. i put brody in the car, and went to squeegee my windows. i looked over and i saw it.

he was an amputee. he had a prosthetic leg.

i looked over and spoke, “what service were you in?” he didn’t even look at me and replied, “army.” i walked over to him and extended my hand and said, “i’m active an active duty Corpsman. God bless you and thank you Brother.” he shook my hand (firmly) and looked me in the eyes and nodded. he didn’t say anything, he didn’t have too. i walked back over to my car and asked me what a Corpsman was. when i told him he thanked me as well. i continued cleaning my windows with my back to him and said, “you what fucking kills me, is there are 10’s of thousands of guy’s just like you that NEVER get a mention or get credit. but everyone’s fucking fascinated that fucking crack-head whitney houston’s OD’d.” he replied, “WHO?”. i looked over him and laughed and said, “exactly.” i went back to cleaning my windows and said, “you know, i really get uncomfortable when people ‘thank me for my service’. i mean, it’s nice and all but sometimes they want to know about what i’ve seen and done, and well……you just can’t talk about it with civilians. they’ll never understand. and….I DON’T wanna have the shit in my head that i do, why would i share it.” he just said, “yeah, i know.” i finished cleaning my windshield and walked over to him and shook his hand again and said, ” seriously man, God bless you and your family and thank you for your sacrifice.” i felt my voice break up as said the words and for a split second…..i got choked up. he shook my hand and just nodded.

about 7-8 year’s ago i finally quit having nightmares about all the dead bodies and trauma i’ve seen. the GF in japan got used to me waking up startled and confused. but the first time it happened she freaked for a second. i kind of wish i had more views because what i’m about to say needs to be heard by as many people as possible…..

the next time you see a man who’s an amuptee, walk over to him, ask him what service he was in and if he served…thank him. and MEAN IT. he/she lost a limb to provide you with a blanket you’ll never see or touch. i really can’t talk to you civilians about all the horror i’ve experienced, the death i’ve seen, the friends i’ve lost, the people i couldn’t save, and the fucking pain associated with it. i feel lucky to be as well-adjusted as i am. not trying to be a downer here, but i just felt compelled to share this interaction with you guys.

i went back to my car and drove off. i thought about getting a picture of him to post here, but then decided not to. he’s not a fucking side-show freak. and i never asked his name. i didn’t need to, i already knew it-


17 Comments on “Male Social Dynamics: Appreciation”

  1. WillieMaize24 says:

    Great post

  2. TGP says:

    Thanks man.

  3. Athor Pel says:

    Beautiful post

  4. Stingray says:


    From the bottom of my heart, to you and all your brothers, thank you.

  5. Bill says:

    You said it far better than I ever will, Danny.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      thanks Dear. but don’t thank me, thank the guys out there you see.

      • I do Danny, I do. They get all shy and tell me there’s no need to thank them, give me a smile and go on their way.

        Older(WWII, Korean war, Vietnam) vets will chat my ear off. They seem to like that my Dad was a vet from their era, and that my uncle was an SR-71 Blackbird test pilot. The have amazing stories. After my Dad died, people who knew him told me some interesting stories from his Army Air Corp days. They are fun to sit and talk with, and they like to flirt like the dickens too 😀

        • dannyfrom504 says:

          Well good. Thanks. Yeah, is young’uns can be shy about it.

          And don’t I know it. Paw-paw was on the ground at iwo jima when they raised the flag. And I’m sure you know by now how flirty he is. Lol.

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