Todays Happy Pill: SLUTS!!!!!

i saw this today and i laughed my ass off. watch the video and we’ll discuss below. oh, this went down in Canada.

anyone care to chime in about what you noticed about her.

what a fucking abomination. that CAN’T be a skirt. good for dad stepping up and telling this walking “fuck me” sign to exercise a little decency. notice how nonchalantly she responds, “stop yelling.” she seems oblivious to the fact that her ass is hanging out. even worse, she’s probably DOESN’T CARE that she has to pull her skirt down every 10 seconds. she circles the pole (probably getting ready for work) which makes her skirt go up which is her non-verbally saying, “LOOK AT ME!!!!! LOOK AT ME!!!!! LOOK AT ME!!!!!” if only her daddy had bought her a pony. what’s funny is if i opened her and made a sexual comment, i’d almost BET she’d act offended “what, do you take me for some kinda canadian slut??!!!” to which i’d have to answer, “why NO, i certainly would pin you to a location. i think in terms of slut-dom….you have INTERNATIONAL potential.”

THIS is what’s become of young women these days. Badger ran a good post about women not wanting to be pretty, but now aiming for “hot”. well, hot is SLUTTY. i’ll fuck a hot girl, but i wouldn’t date her. i’d def bend her savage ass over and give her the business, then she’d never see me again. smh. i don’t know why i’m linking this since he get’s 10 times my traffic and you all have probably already read it. but he’s my boy so here’s some link love buddaaaay.


11 Comments on “Todays Happy Pill: SLUTS!!!!!”

  1. Badger says:

    Thanks for the love, and put some pants on for the love of God.

  2. ASF says:

    Would bang 110%.

  3. I wouldn’t do any of them…… meh! The pissed off father cracked me up. That was probably some student doing a social experiment.

  4. This is why I’m totally in favor of slut-shaming. Chicks are wired to care about what their peers think of them. If they get negative feedback from their peers on inappropriate behavior, they don’t want to repeat it.
    But if you start telling them that anyone saying that wearing a skirt that doesn’t even cover your ass is stupid is being hateful or judgmental and that they are being unfairly judged and victimized, then they get to play the “hurt feelings” card to shout down their detractors. Suddenly, wearing two potato chips and a bandaid is turned from being a fashion statement to being a personal statement–and that statement is “I’m empowered.”
    Unfortunately, it just looks like “I’m a whore!” to everyone else, so there’s a flaw in the marketing.

  5. deti says:

    walking “fuck me’ sign……


  6. deti says:

    i’m still laughing at that ….. “WALKING ‘FUCK ME’ SIGN”…….

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