Uncle Game with Ko-Ko Danny

this weekend i headed south to visit the sister (i had some stuff to drop off and my mom flew in). well, yesterday my sis had a TON of homework to do, mom needed a nap, and the brudduh-in-law went to the gym. that meant one thing: someone had to look after my niece. i scooped her little ass up and headed to the local wing place the fam frequents. now my niece is a ROCK-STAR in this place. ALL the girls that work there know her and love her. all my nieces and nephews rock…seriously. well, my sister’s kid is a special needs child. she’s autistic and has recently began an upswing from lifelong development prohibiting epilepsy. she’s 8 but mentally she’s about 4. we sat down and i ordered for us and the waitress IMMEDIATELY went on to chatting up the niece. after about 15 seconds she finally looked at me and said, “and who are you?” i answered, “ask her who she danced with at disney.”  she looked ar my niece and asked and the little-one prattled on about chip-and-dale and the camel that spit on her. all the while the waitress would look back at a smiling uncle. after a few minutes the waitress looked at me and i said, i’m j********’s brother, Danny. the waitress shook my hand and asked, where is she?” i replied, “she has homework, mi-mi needs a nap, k****** is at the gym, and i’m taking my girl out for lunch.” i looked at my niece, “who am i bi-bi?” my niece coo’d, “Ko-Ko- Danny (uncle Danny)”. the waitress let out a, “aaaaaaaaaaw. that’s so cute. very sweet of you to look after her for j*******.” i laughed, “why wouldn’t i, who WOULDN’T want to take this girl out for chicken tenders?” the waitress laughed and agreed. this was TOO easy. wanna see uncle game…….

now, apply this scenario with 5 other waitresses. they talk to my niece then want to know i am and give the EXACT same reaction. the second the waitress asked about me, i reframed it back to the niece. THEN, i told them who i was. it went smooth as silk. i didn’t even really escalate. my sister will do that for me next time she heads in. see, my sis and her hubster are regular’s there, and ALL the waitress love my niece. i’m heading back to Jax in a few hours so i didn’t really hit on the waitress’ but i had them eating out of Ko-Ko Danny’s hand. if i lived out here, i’d clean up. lol. and get this, my niece eat’s food spicier than most of you reading this site. i LOVE it. definitely my family. and she ate her whole plate and 3 of my SPICY jerk wings. sis calls her “moose. lol. don’t believe me……

MUH GIRL. lol. i forgot i uploaded this so…..have some fun watching the finest english staffordshire bull terrier do his thing.


all in all it was a fun weekend. saw the fam, chilled my niece. got lit with the brudduh-in-law (when he and i get together we CARPET BOMB my sis with neg’s. lol) and watched swamp people. today, i’ll take the sis to the air force base so she could look at easter dresses for her child. having a blast, too bad i have to head back north in a few hours. BUT…..spring turkey season starts up in about 10 days, i need to get back in the forest. lol. to be continued…….

stay up.


6 Comments on “Uncle Game with Ko-Ko Danny”

  1. Awwww, Ko-ko Danny…
    So cute Lolo is.

    And Brody…erm you call him a dork?
    Mais ça va pas!
    (That won’t do!)
    We are both waiting for the apology…

  2. Ribbon Butterfly says:

    :3 This is too cute. I love little kids.

  3. ASF says:

    Hmm. Maybe I should let my daughter be my wing.

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