Male Social Dynamics: Leadership and Taking Care of your People

i’m the supervisor at work after 160…..4pm. it’s me, one other tech, and a kid that watches the front desk (he’s low rank). well, i was busy in CT with a patient and i guess the other tech was with a patient. when i was finished i went back to the front desk and the kid was a tad miffed. he told me a nurse from the ER came in and was pressing him for a time-line for when we were going to be able scan patients they had waiting. well….there’s only 2 of us to shoot and the other tech was busy. by the time i found out the whole issue was resolved but i was still pissed because the nurse was kind of being rude about getting the patients over. i found out who the nurse was and went to the ER. well, the woman was a civilian, i approached her and told her i wanted to talk with her in private.

“i’m HM1 ********, and right now in charge over at X-ray and i wanted to explain something to you. if you EVER have an issue with radiology DO NOT harass my staff, you find me and tell me the problem. but the next time you harass my front desk staff i will report you.” the nurse looked at me for a second and tried to give an excuse about them being busy and i cut her off.

“you have a problem with radiology, come see me. PERIOD.don’t press my HN about it”

i went back to radiology and told the guy that it was handled it and the next time someone talks to him like that to cut them off and send them my way. he thanked me and went back to work.

see, i’m “old-school” navy. when i joined, boot-camp was segregated and i was in one of the last all male companies. i literally didn’t see a woman for over 2 months while in boot-camp. i learned VERY early on “take care of your people. they have to KNOW you’ll stand up for them.” once i had to take care of my girl so-so when a guy was flirting with her and she felt uncomfortable. so this was a no-brainer for me. i HAD to let kid know i wasn’t going to let anyone disrespect him because he was low rank. i guarantee this kid will break his back when i task him with something now. that’s how it’s SUPPOSED to be in the military. shame most leader’s today don’t really take the time to look after their people.

well….not this Sailor. stay up.

4 Comments on “Male Social Dynamics: Leadership and Taking Care of your People”

  1. Too many these days are watchin their own 6 and too scared of any type of confrontation to stand up for themselves, let alone their people. I’m SO glad there were Marines that lead and taught me to lead the way it SHOULD be done. Kudos, Danny.

  2. MissMarie says:

    Exactly! This is why I’ll work my ass off for my boss, I know he’s got my back. My boss at the bar? Meh, depends on my mood and the clientele – he threw me under the bus after I busted my ass for him, there just ain’t the respect there that there used to be.

    Yer a good man, Danny 🙂

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