I don’t like Bread, thank you

something interesting happened to me  the other day. i was IM’ing a woman i know and she sent me  a link to web-cartoon. i checked it out and well….”meh.” look, i just don’t like that type of stuff. she made mention of my hating everything she likes (run hamster run) and i just restated that i’m not her and i’m going to like what i likes and the same will hold true for her. we go back to chatting.

a while later i get another link that i can’t view, and my guess was it was another cartoon strip.  we continue chatting then she sends me ANOTHER link that by reading the title i’m thinking was another cartoon.


i mention that i’m not even going click on it and she wants to know why. i mention i didn’t like the last few so obviously i’m going to LOVE this one. about 15 seconds later she logged out. haven’t heard from her since. so NOW we’re gonna play this game huh. i’m posting this because guys deal with this ALL.THE.TIME. i will say this much: the longer i don’t hear from her, the more….well “peeved” i’ll become. and this WILL be addressed.

i HATE repeating myself, seriously. to me, i look at it that either A-the woman doesn’t listen to me (thus doesn’t respect me) B- she disregards my opinion. the former annoys me, the latter pisses me of BIG TIME. let’s look at it this way, shall we.

say i don’t like bread. say she wants me to try some bread and mention, “nah….i don’t like bread.” she’ll probably just drop it. then say a little time goes by and she want’s me to try this AMAZING sourdough roll she’s got. i restate my not liking bread. no harm no foul, but NOW she should make a mental note that i DON’T LIKE BREAD. say a week or 2 later she wants me to try some artisan loaf she having. now i’m ANNOYED. i reply flatly. “i.don’t.like.bread.” she says, “no but this bread is REEEEEEEALLY good, try it.”

that’s it. i’m officially in the fucking red.

i’m not going to like something simply because a woman (or MY woman) likes it. that’s fucking stupid. i have no beef with her liking what i don’t like, but i’m NOT going to change my mind. i’m fully capable of thinking for myself and i’m a grown assed man that knows what he likes and doesn’t. guys….when your frame/opinion is challenged, DO.NOT.BUDGE. you are free to have your own opinions and there’s nothing wrong with telling her to back off when she tries to push her opinions on you. appreciate her POV, but you don’t have to like it simply because she does too.  fuck that. and i see guys cave ALL.THE.TIME.

it’s called mutual respect. i’m not going to ask a woman who loves brittney spears to go to a Slayer concert with me when i KNOW she’s not into metal. that would be selfish of me. i expect the same from her.

now. i want to point out if you comment here and you shit-talk her. i WILL block the comment. this isn’t a post to beat up on women or her. i just wanted to post about something guys encounter with women and get wrong quite often. so if you comment, be nice, and be respectful, she IS a friend after all.

9 Comments on “I don’t like Bread, thank you”

  1. just visiting says:

    Is she a friend in real life too? If so, this would seem a bit over sensitive. Sounds like she was trying too hard to entertain you. It backfired when she crossed boundaries and probably felt hurt, angry, embarrassed or all of the above by your reaction. If she doesn’t know you well, it might make it awkward for her to reach out. Kinda guessing, so you’ll have to gauge if it sounds right.

  2. Athor Pel says:

    I have another one.

    Before we were married my ex makes me some cookies. They were great cookies. I tell her they were great cookies and I could eat them every day.

    So time goes by and I marry her.

    I never see those cookies again.

    It should have been one of the alarm bells but I didn’t listen.

  3. Stingray says:

    Yeah, you are right. Behavior like this is very annoying, but if she is a nice girl (and I assume she is as she is your friend) I would be willing to guess that she is trying to share something with you that she truly enjoys. It is a way (albeit a poor way) of her trying to reach out.

    Here’s an example: I LOVE to cook and I also ADORE food. Husband? Meh, doesn’t cook and not into food that much. When we first married I would try to get him to eat food that I loved because I truly wanted to share the experience with him. We went through the same thing you describe here, and he would wind up annoyed and I would end up hurt. It WAS my fault. Don’t misunderstand. I’ve learned to drop it as it’s really not a big deal. I just thought you might want some insight into what she might be thinking.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      i know EXACTLY what she was trying to do, and i’m VERY appreciative of it. BUT…..after repeated comments about it not being something i find funny, it should have been dropped. i’ll put it this way….

      all the women reading this blog, let’s pretend for a moment we’re in a raltionship. let’s say for the sake of argument one night i decide i want some “back-door” fun, and you tell me that it’s not on the menu. cool beans. then a week later i bring it up again, and again…..you decline. how many more times can i try to talk you into it before you get pissed at me. and you’d be RIGHTFULLY pissed.

      and yes, she’s a friend, and i adore her. she’s a dove…seriously, but i had to draw the line and call her out on this.

      she’s a good egg, she’ll get over it.

      • Stingray says:

        Absolutely. I’m not trying to call you out. I think you did exactly the right thing and I would agree that all guys need to do this. Just wanted to let you and any other guys in on the hamster. Damn thing.

        • dannyfrom504 says:

          it was a classic shit-test. and i KNOW she didn’t do it intentionally. i always tell guys that you’re shit-tested don’t take it personally, but you HAVE to deal with it or you get negative tingles.

          i’m not mad at her for it, the hamster is always right around the corner.

  4. Oh god yes. I deal with this from people (mostly other women) a lot.

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