Alpha vs. Beta

i work with 5 women. they range from all ethnicities, ages, and marital status’. some are very quiet and demure ,some have dominant personalities. most of the time at work, i’m cheery, personable, joking and VERY pleasantly natured. basically, I’M BETA. seriously. to be honest i’m on beta-idle *GASP!!!* 99% of the time. the alpha comes out when it needs to and i’m QUITE comfortable letting loose the inner-asshole when i need it. i’m VERY laid-back….until you fuck with me, then the beta gives way and the wolf shows up. don’t believe me….

well the woman working with me now got sick, REAL sick 2-3 weeks ago. i’m talking about she was hospitalized sick. when i was working i stopped to go check on her on the ward. she looked bad, but she didn’t need anything from me. well, she’s really can’t eat and today at work she looked rough. she told me she was going to the lab to get work done and i told her ok. she came back a few minutes later and said the line was too long. the blood-work she was doing required her to fast for 10-12 hours. i knew she needed to eat so i looked her dead in the eyes and said, “P******** get your ass to the lab, and get your blood-work done NOW. i don’t care if you have to wait an hour, next time i see you you better have coban (what they use to secure gauze after you get blood drawn) around your arm. i used my “big-boy” voice when i spoke. she looked at me briefly, grabbed her pocket-book and left. i should point out, i was speaking to a VERY dominant black woman that NO ONE fucks with in my work-space.

i saw her 20 minutes later and she stuck out her arm revealing the blue coban and widened her eyes making the “YOU SEE” face. i told her, “good. now go eat and i want to see you pounding water and gatorade. and i’m SOOOOO far from fucking with you about this.” she nodded and i have to admit, i saw her drinking all throughout the day.

i didn’t pull rank on her at all, all i did was INSIST on her getting her stuff taken care of. i was concerned for her and she forced my hand. i don’t get like that often, but i was VERY serious and when i get serious it’s VERY noticeable.

grrrrrrr…. lol. stay up.

12 Comments on “Alpha vs. Beta”

  1. Stingray says:

    all i did was INSIST on her getting her stuff taken care of.

    Women love this stuff. When my husband does this for me it and incredible feeling. He is taking care of me and putting me above anything else that I feel needs to be done. It’s wonderful (even though I often feel a bit sheepish about him having to get this way, I still love it.)

  2. Good on ya Danny,
    It’s the balance that counts. Too much of one and not enough of the other and the equilibrium is gone. The great guys always know when to use their alpha and beta sides. And women appreciate that. Honestly.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      lol. and this is not a woman who takes well to being told what to do. the “big boy” voice and the attitude that comes with it is NOT to challenged. even with an “empowered” woman.

  3. Ribbon Butterfly says:

    Perfect mixture.

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  5. Dirt Man says:

    Women eat that up. Good for you for doing that, that’s just what she needed: a strong voice to guide her through all the mental shit she had going on that was in the way of her doing what needed to be done.

    I routinely do this kind of thing with my gf. She loves it, even when she mock-complains about it. Sometimes they’re lost and need the firm hand. At this point I often find it totally gratifying to tell her what to do.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      Notice ZERO women have commented against what I did. In fact, they LOVED it.

      Sent from my iPhone

    • @ Dirt Man,

      “She loves it, even when she mock-complains about it.”

      See? When I tried to explain this very concept in my post about Michelle Obama, (‘Disrespect, or a covert display of submissiveness?’) some male commenters wouldn’t believe me. Many women do the ‘mock complaint’ thing as a way of expressing love. It is harmless and is a great indicator that she actually likes you. It is a fitness test that a man must NOT fail, i.e. he must NOT let it bother him and turn him all beta and grovelling. Notice in the now infamous video, Barack Obama did not look all shocked and worried when Michelle said what she said. He just laughed, as she did. VERY alpha, in my book, and not the beta many men accused him of being.
      Very easy to tell the difference between ‘mock complaint’ and actual complaint, in a relationship.
      In one, she is smiling and ‘flirty’, in the other she is very much giving you the evil eye, and you just KNOW you are not going to get dinner that night, let alone the other thing 😉

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