Flirting with a Mom at work

i walked out into the patient waiting area and called her name. she looked at me, smiled, stood up and walked over to me. i verified her ID and we walked to the exam room. she was tall, brunette, late 40’s, and she was a firecracker. we had a great conversation chemistry. this woman was a wild one in her day and i had a VERY easy time lightly flirting with her. we got to the room and i prepped for her exam. she OOZED femininity.

i eventually told her i was going to write about her on my site, she looked puzzled and i explained the blog to her. she said she would check it out. then we talked about how east it is to chat women up and i gave her my standard approach outline and what i tell women. she laughed and said she’d definitely check the site now.

oh, i need to rant for a second. excuse me: WHY THE FUCK DO SOME WOMEN WEAR SKIMPY AS ALL HELL OUTFITS TO MEDICAL EXAMS!!!!!!!!!! ok, she had a bewb job, and her shirt was cut WAAAAAAY low. look, i try to be as professional as i can when i’m with a patient. ladies, if you have large breasts and you wear shirts like that at a medical exam i have to practice a Buddhist monk like concentration to NOT look at tits. it was SOOOOO distracting. i couldn’t wait for her to get into her gown. lol. ok, back to the post.

after i did her exam she she changed back into her clothes and came over to look at her images. as i was pulling up my site, she was going through her phone and she showed me a picture of her daughter and 22 year old cutie. “i’m sending my daughter to your site, she’s single.” well well well. this just got interesting. lol. i told her to throw my blog name into google and it’ll pop up as the first choice.

to be continued…..stay up.

7 Comments on “Flirting with a Mom at work”

  1. Zorro says:


  2. Monad says:

    I take it you are a Medical Doctor? Well, the reason for skimpy clothing to a medical is because Drs are high status and usually the woman is on the prowl for a suitor. Otherwise she is an attention whore (less likely),

    Women who are not looking will turn up to an exam in modest dress.

  3. Monad says:

    Also, do you think that divulging this blog to patients is a good idea? The premise of your blog is highly politically incorrect and this could sully your reputation if the information was used against you regardless of the truth in the message.

    Anyway, regardless, great blog Danny.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      I’m not divulging PT info here. So NO, I’m not worried. And as unPC as this blog is it’s my own site and true to my beliefs.

      Thanks for looking out though.

  4. Danny, she didn’t see the ‘lock your daughters up’ sign on your forehead?
    She skimped on the eye check up?


    Just kidding.

    She sounds like a lovely lady. With any luck her daughter will be similar.

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