Danny gets his first Marriage Warning

i was 22 years old and i was FINALLY living in Europe. i was in Sicily; bright eye’d and bushy tailed and ready to pound some European vag grab life by the boot strap. i’d been in Sicily for just over a year, i had already circumvented the island with the local gf and had amazing sex on the agrigento ruins saw some amazing sites along the way. i was in heaven and having a blast. i had been to london, edinburgh, dublin, naples, florence, venice, and spain. life was fucking peachy.

i was at the bee-bar flirting with one of the girls and i was sitting close to a table with 3 women that were talking. i over heard one mention how she was just getting sick of her husband and the constant deployments (he was in an airwing) of navy life. one woman asked how long they’d been married for and the woman said 8 years. then i heard something that made my jaw drop. “well, you only need to tough it out for 2 more years.” the wife in question replied, “oh trust me, i know. i’ve worked for that retirement.”

the next time i was at work i asked my LT (he was a former HM that became a nurse) about what i heard and he explained it to me. apparently, if you get married to someone active duty, after 10 years of marriage she is entitled to HALF his retirement pay, and i think they get full medical coverage as well. STFU. i was fucking blown away. he told me, “whatever you do Danny, DO NOT get married until you’ve been in well over 10 years.” i’d like to say that this is a rare occurrence, but i’d be lying. i’ve heard COUNTLESS woman admit (not to me but while in conversation with other women….i DO listen ladies, trust me) that they weren’t leaving the hubby until she’d gotten past 10 years of marriage, then they were gonna dip. smh.

i heeded that warning and marriage never even entered my head as a possibility in my life until maybe 2-3 years ago (faintly, i might add)). i spoke with a retired E9 and he was forking over close to four grand a month to his ex-wife. or, as he put it, “i’m paying my ex-wife’s bf close to $4 grand a month to fuck her.” unreal.

not i said Dan, not i. i WILL be keeping my entire $2,000 a month retirement.

31 Comments on “Danny gets his first Marriage Warning”

  1. zorro says:

    Women have the empathy of cobras and the morality of crocodiles.

  2. Sadly, I also have met women like this. Or rather, some of my male entourage have. It is not really their fault, I guess.
    The state is helping them.

    Nobody disputes that in the event of a divorce, especially if there are children, a woman needs to provide for said children.

    What is despicable is the greed and the seeking out of the divorce in the first place because of the financial reward. Not cool. Something really bad happened to some women in the last 40 years…Indefensible…

  3. Booya says:

    Your tax dollars at work people

  4. […] His post on military marriages is both chilling and elucidating. […]

  5. Doc says:

    Unfortunately, all too true. This is why if you are a man, you have to operate on the principle of “How can I use her and not be screwed over by it?” This is why you NEVER marry – you can let them think what they will, but if you are deployed, she is having sex when you’re away. If you think otherwise, you’re an idiot. Out of sight – out of mind is SOP in such times. And when you are deployed, finding something to warm your bed, but not for too long, should be your SOP…

    Everything is set up in HER favor – so you have to actively take steps to mitigate the risks to you. No woman is worth everything you’ve worked hard for – keep that first and foremost in your mind.

    • Brian says:

      “but if you are deployed, she is having sex when you’re away.”

      While not a given, I will say that at least a third of them were sleeping around, which definitely aren’t reassuring odds. When I was in, you’d see a whole new batch of women show up just after a battlegroup deployed. I lost track of how many would tell me “we’re PRACTICALLY divorce” or “I’m serving him papers as soon as he gets back” in an attempt to get me to risk my career by sleeping with one of them.

      The eye-opener for me was even earlier than for Danny. I got to my first ship right as it returned from Desert Storm, and I got to see what the guys called “the war casualties”. In a division of 25 guys, 7 came home to find out their wives had been cheating on them. One found out because he decided to surprise his wife by taking an early flight back from Rota. Thankfully, he just caught them at the house, not actually in bed. When over half of your division is divorced, and only one of the married men seemed to be in a happy marriage, it makes it VERY easy to not feel tempted to marry anyone.

      • The easy promiscuity displayed by these ‘easy lays’ (as you describe them) says as much about the men who select such ‘creatures’ as wives as it does about the women themselves. I also can’t help but question how such a ‘nice’ guy keeps finding himself cornered by all these loose, lusty army wives begging to suck his marrow out through his penis. Could you maybe share the address for some of the single men reading this?! 😛

        It’s easy to whinge about how dreadful women are, heartless bitches who are all out to mine a man’s wallet, blah blah blah…

        It’s all very amusing to a single mum of two who has a VERY successful career as a career courtesan, lover & muse. Long ago, I learnt my single most important life lesson: NEVER DEPEND ON THE MAN.

        It may shock some of those who like to ‘blame the chick’ to know that there are women out there who bear witness to some men who are guilty of EXACTLY the same duplicity. Even worse, these Fu Keira usually have no hesitation in using children, friends & any other useful connection for their own means, regardless of feelings or consequences.

        We ALL have the capacity to be selfish & greedy, regardless of gender. Reducing everything down to being a vagina on legs really isn’t accurate, considerate or even useful…

        It’s simply ignorant. 😉

        • dannyfrom504 says:

          Thank you for stopping by Dear.

          I don’t allow gender bashing here. I was just sharing my military experience.

          I love the women. but i’ve never married for a reason Darling. it’s just not worth it for me atm, especially when i can pull easy enough. ;D

      • Abe says:


        “It’s all very amusing to a single mum of two who has a VERY successful career as a career courtesan, lover & muse. Long ago, I learnt my single most important life lesson: NEVER DEPEND ON THE MAN.”

        So your motto is to never depend on the man, and you work as a whore? Makes sense.

  6. Gorbachev says:

    Don’t get married. Any woman who tells you it isn’t that bad is a liar or is seriously deluded.

    And that’s all you need to know.

    • Doug1 says:

      Yeah but you’re planning to marry PCG aren’t you?

      Or has that changed?

      • Gorbachev says:

        I’m going to get married, but I’m not a fool. I’m in a position to dictate some terms.

        The issue was control. I now have much more.

  7. WhatsNew says:

    The 10-year rule also applies to civilians, as in many jurisdictions a marriage that last more than 10 years is considered a lifetime commitment, and since men are always perceived as abusive predators, and women always as innocent victims, divorce is automatically assumed to be because of the husband’s abusiveness, and the law regards lifetime payment of compensation to the victim wife as the necessary consequence. This applies to cohabitation in many jurisdictions too.

    A big problem is that the military is run by white-knight conservatives and getting married is virtually essential for promotion. Getting divorced by your wife can also affect your perception as a security risk.

    A very bad situation.

    • Doug1 says:

      This applies to cohabitation in many jurisdictions too.

      Not in the US it doesn’t. 11 states still create common law marriages, but you have to “hold yourself out as married” in addition to cohabiting for a few years. That means you have to tell practically everybody that you are, not just a few people.

      In Canada now in I think all provinces after two or three years of cohabiting she gets all or almost all the divorce rights as if you were married. Which is a royal screw job for men.

  8. dannyfrom504 says:

    To All:
    My eyes are wide open. Trust.

    • Doug1 says:

      Gorb first referred to the Persian 9 who became his gf and then his live in girlfriend as Persian Coffee Girl, since he met her in a coffee shop she was managing, while getting her masters degree.

  9. just visiting says:

    Not in Alberta.

  10. JS says:

    just the fact that a woman would be willing to marry a man in the military should be a red flag. she is either and idiot or a masochist. it has all the drawbacks of being a single mom (taking care of kids alone) but on top of that you’re lonely b/c your spouse is a million miles away. even if you dont have kids, long-distance relationships are idiotic, you’re alone every Saturday night but unlike when you were single, you can’t do anything to change it. it’s just a synonym for hell.

    I was a relationship with a man who lived in Colorado (not the military, so at least we could talk, txt, email as much as we wanted) when I lived in NYC. We met when he had already found a job and place to live in nyc but wasnt moving for 4 months. I waited faithfully but it was miserable, phone calls are not the same as eye contact, cuddling, holding hands and other in-person delights.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      thanks for stopping by.

      what gets me is that these women PLAN for this. damn near every woman i know in the military knows about this little scam.

      • JS says:

        Well, if that’s the case, it’s really despicable, especially given that these people are risking their lives serving their country.

        An ex-Marine and retired NYPD, with whom I used to work, told me that when he was in the marines that they used to say “if Uncle Sam wanted you to have a wife, he would have issued you one.” Wise words, I think.

        • dannyfrom504 says:

          “if Uncle Sam wanted you to have a wife, he would have issued you one.” indeed.

          i have no plans on tying the knot while i’m still in. i retire in 2 years.

  11. stonelifter says:

    which batt danny? I was a devil in baggy pants for a few years

  12. Grape_Town_CA says:

    I don’t know if it’s too late to comment here, but I’m joining the Navy to become an officer after I graduate from college. For any of you out there who served in the military, what advice can you give a young man in his early 20’s about dating, relationships, marriage, and all that good stuff.

  13. Grape_Town_CA says:

    Currently, I’m single and haven’t been with a woman in a long time. If it helps, I’m the type of man who would love to get married someday, but as someone who has taken the red pill and now sees how totally messed up the dating world is today, I’m worried about what the future will bring. Especially me pursuing a career as an officer in the Navy, I definitely don’t what to end up in a bad relationship that can haunt and damage my life during and post Navy life.

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