Books for Guys who actually like to read: Buddhist Punk

Sit Down and Shut Up- by Brad Warner. this is a VERY interesting read. Brad played in an Ohio punk band in the 80’s. he went to Japan for a spell and fell into Buddhism. i read this book while i was in Kuwait and i really liked it. Brad is currently the first American to be heading a very large Buddhist sect in Japan. put the religion part aside and give it a read. it’s definitely a book for men to read. subjects include: Buddha, God, Truth, Sex, and Death.

i’ve never heard any Buddhist philosophy before. but Brad’s book is VERY easy to read and you should take the time out to give this book a chance.

i’m going to just be posting one book on friday now since i’ll run out of book soon. lol.

this weeks music will be Type O Negative. the first time i heard them  i thought, “these guys get mad ass.” lol. i was looking for something to listen to at work and i forgot i had some ToN and let it roll. enjoy

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