Men flirt, Women give IOI’s.

i was talking with a reader in email land and she made mention of something i hear/read a lot from women on the blogs. she was asking for my opinion on a guy she’s into. i told her to look for IOI’s and do the normal girl game thing. she asked me what “guy IOI’s are” and i thought for a second. DAMN. i didn’t say this but i immediately thought “uuuuuuuuh, he pulls his dick out.” i keed, i keed. an IOI from a guy is, “hi…what’s your name?”

that’s it. if a guy is talking to you and he has ZERO reason to…he’s probably into you. NOW, most men and women are clueless about the opposite sex. but it’s really quite easy.

as a man i need to be cognizant of a woman’s body language and read what she’s sending me. you ladies just have to do your thing and let a fellah know you’re interested. once the attraction is there the IOI’s typically come naturally. if a guy blows it and overplays his hand the woman will go cold and she’ll no longer entertain a conversation with you. i number close ASAP and move on. best to get a number or email and let her miss you and the interaction than to keep at it and over-do it.

so…what’s an IOI from a man…..i already covered that, what’s an IOI from a woman: touching you, playing with her hair, lowering her head and exposing her neck, preening, laughing in an overly done fashion (my jokes are funny….but they’re not THAT funny), leaning towards you and completely facing you as you talk to her. all these are signs that whatever you’re doing, you’re doing right. she MIGHT shit test you and if she does, agree and amplify works best. if at any point she call you a player, simply say, “no i’m not a player, i’m THE player. i have 299 girlfriends, i MIGHT have found #300. you down?” guys, if she’s being chatty….you’re doing fine. escalation is your next step. my typical escalation is: after i’ve made her laugh a second time i say, “you have a really cute laugh, keep laughing like that and you might end up pregnant.” i LOVE the pregnancy reference, it frames her sexually, but it’s too over the top to take seriously, i’m a big fan of it. i’ve NEVER had it fail. seriously. use it and reap it’s benefits.

men flirt (so do women), but women give the IOI’s. guys are WALKING IOI’s. lol. stay up.

working it in San Deezy


24 Comments on “Men flirt, Women give IOI’s.”

  1. Great post.. Lovin’ this one. It’s perfect for my girly over-thinker brain 😉

  2. Allie says:

    Hey I’m young and oblivious! Lol but walking ioi’s … You just made things so much easier.

  3. If I am talking to you I am into you .. that is super simple. But is it fool proof? Really? My current man informed me the other day that the cute guy at the office, with whom I hang out and regard as a pal (we do movies, coffee, drives etc) is simply waiting till the day he can bang me against the desk. But I don’t think so .. Or am I being overly naive?

  4. I’m going to use the pregnancy line myself.

  5. Danny,
    It really is as simple as that, LOL.
    Who’d have thought?

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      Oh you know the boys love you Darling. Oh wait….. I forgot, you have a bf. he better take care of you or I’m swooping in and Brody’s gonna stake claim. He’s lickIng his chops as we speak.

  6. sean says:

    whats wrong with you guys? why is nobody asking the obvious question.
    dude whats with the chick in the pic.

  7. Spooky says:

    Heh. Very simple answer, I like it.
    I have noticed some things that could be considered IOI’s for men–they preen. A bit like women do. Moreso if they’re nervous, which I think is cute. I remember there was one who, whenever I would glance at him, would immediately sit up straighter and fix his clothes. He also tended to lean in slightly while we were talking, that kind of thing.

    I know, I know. The preening probably wouldn’t be considered confident behavior. I thought it was sweet, though.

    • Hahaha!
      I know what you mean Spooky…sits up straight, puffs his chest out, fixes an imaginary tie…rather like a peacock about to spread out the plumage.
      Very amusing to watch!

      At Danny,

  8. ASF says:

    Gonna try that pregnancy thing next time. Looks like a winner.

  9. Chef In Jeans says:

    Great post, I’d make one small edit, I Think it should be “Men HIT ON, women give IOIs”

    To me flirting is inherently a multiplayer game and once you’ve reached flirting you’ve moved beyond those opening indicators. I also love semantics, so feel free to tell me to fuck off lol.

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