Bitch Please….

this will be short, but i forgot to post it sunday.

i was at the strip club last weekend and one of the girls wanted me to take a picture of her. i was sending her the pic and she looked at my phone and said, “you have my last name listed on your contact list? that’s kinda gay.” i looked at her and said, “sweetie, if i didn’t, i couldn’t keep up with all my girls. i have 3 ****’s, ok. jeez.” she bit her tongue, looked away, and she shook her head. i looked her dead in the eye and said, “bad girl. now turn around.” she turned around and i gave her a smack on her ass. i asked, “did you learn.” she replied, “yeah….i think i need i need to bad more.”

good girl.

i said, “i don’t know how you haven’t learned by now. you’ll NEVER win.” i laughed and she made a comment about how she walked right into that. lol. silly girl, she forgot who she was doing with.

stay up.

One Comment on “Bitch Please….”

  1. Socialkenny says:

    Lol WTF,what kind of shit test was that on her part?Liked the way you handled it though.

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