Paw-Paw game

everything i learned about women i learned from my grandfather. when i was home i decided to jot down what he’d say when he talked women. it’s kind of hard for him because, well…..he’s a natural. lol. i had a great visit and had a good time taking paw-paw to parades and hooters, and watching tv while pounding beers. GOOD TIMES!!!!  here’s some of the things i managed to jot down.

approach anxiety- there’s no formula, i just strike up a conversation. it’s like talking with anyone else. i like women, and when someone knows you like them, they usually like you. i find making them laugh works well. i’ve never understood how a guy could be afraid to talk to a woman. she’s not gonna bite yah head off. [edit- unless you fuck up] so get off your ass and talk to her, if she doesn’t want to talk, so what….at least you know. there too many women out there to be afraid to talk with just ONE. so talk to them all, every chance you get.

secret to success- i never tried. if you like me, you like me. you don’t, you don’t. my biggest problem wasn’t getting women, it was getting RID of women. i love women, i do. i’ve never known a guy who didn’t truly adore women who was BAD with women. i know you love women Nieto (grandson), that’s why you do so well.

be you- i want a woman to like me for me. so be yourself, don’t do tricks. if she’s talking with you….good.

lines- don’t be choreographed. some guys use a script. well sometimes she doesn’t follow that script and the guy gets frazzled and flounders. she’s a person, talk to her honestly. if she doesn’t want to talk to you….you’ll know. trust me.

i think we’ve heard me say a lot of this before, and you’ve probably read it on other blogs. in essence he’s saying: have fun, be outcome independent, and be you….just not a supplicating you.

Paw-Paw owns. stay up.


he was always SUPER proud my sorry ass.



paw-paw and the SCOURGE of the block.i left a path of destruction wherever i went. and VERY molestable, i know.



me and maw-maw (RIP) at a parade on canal street.


8 Comments on “Paw-Paw game”

  1. susanawalsh says:

    What a fantastic post. I love it. I’m going to link.

  2. […] Danny from 504 has written an interesting post about his grandfather Paw Paw’s natural Game. A natural ladies’ man, Paw Paw shared his secrets with Danny on a recent visit home to New […]

  3. Aw Danny, you were so cute as a kid 🙂
    What happened?

    Paw-paw and Maw-maw gave good genes to their Nieto…

  4. Ceer says:

    Thanks for Sharing. Helps solidify game theory.

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