504 Beef Jerky

I hate buying beef jerky. soooooo, I make it. It’s not that hard and i’ve made it so many times that it’s sick. Hell, I’m making some as we speak. I’ll start with my basic recipe and get more intricate at the end of the post. So….let’s get to it.

1 cup wochestershire sauce

1 cup soy sauce

2 TBS liquid smoke

1/8 cup garlic powder

1 1/2 cups water

4-6 TBS Asian chili paste (omit if you like, i prefer mine spicy….use more/less if you like)

1 eye of round roast. i prefer EOR, and ask butcher at the supermarket to cut it as thin as he can for making beef jerky.

1 dehydrator (you can get them on amazon for a decent price).

1 large ziplock bag

Place all ingredients except for the meat in the zip-lock bag. Mix well. Then add meat. Place bag in the fridge for 48 hours. Twice a day give the bag a shake to make sure the meat evenly marinates. After 48 hours place the bag in the sink and grab a handful of the beef and squeeze out excess moisture into the bag. set meat aside. then place each individual pice and squeeze out the rest of the excess marinade. Place the meat one the trays of the dehydrator. Crank up the dehydrator. It usually takes about a day and half for it to finish. You’ll know it’s done when the meat is firm and evenly darkened. i sprinkle red-pepper flakes on the meat before i start dehydrating it.

Ok, now…….you can add more/less worchestershire or soy to your taste. I prefer less soy. I like a more vinegar taste to my jerky. Personally, I use Stubb’s beef marinade, ghost chili hot sauce, garlic chili paste, garlic powder, water, and liquid smoke. I got here by trying different marinades, so I recommend doing the same. Try various beef marinades and make in small batches and when you find a style you like, stick to it. You can also sprinkle the beef with brown sugar or crushed red-pepper flakes before you turn on the dehydrator. Enjoy.

stay up


done. you could cook it super dry or slightly soft inside. your call.

3 Comments on “504 Beef Jerky”

  1. just visiting says:

    In case anyone is wondering about a good dehydrator, I have an Excalibur that I’m very happy with. Haven’t made beef jerky, but I dehydrate a lot of stuff from my garden for stews and soups in the winter.

  2. Spooky says:

    This really does sound pretty good.

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