Publix Update

maybe some of you may remember the incident at my local supermarket late last november. well, i thought i’d offer some closure. for those of you that don’t know….

there was a little blonde girl at the supermarket by my house that flirted with me. i didn’t really think much of it, it was fun….that was it. well one day late november i walked in and hit the aisle i needed to get my purchase from and out of nowhere someone threw an arm around me and hugged me. it was blondie. she stood VERY close and we walked (hand in hand) up then back down the aisle and she stayed with me to help me pick out what i was going to get. we flirt and i mention we needed to get together. she agreed. over the next 2 weeks she did a 180 and BARELY talked to me. one day i walked in saw her and i touched her side. i made 10 steps and a man (a manager) approached me. he told me blondie said i had acted inappropriately towards her. i explained to him what she had done and that i had NEVER said anything more than hello and bye to her before what she did. i then told him i will avoid her altogether from that moment on. he thanked me, and i got my crap and left. needless to say i was pissed. now we’re caught up so…….


back in late january i stopped off at the local to have some beer and wings. i was there around 9pm and i saw on of the local supermarket’s manager’s (a gangly kid in his early-mid 20’s) came in and sat about 8 chairs down to my left. the bar has a box-type “C” shape, and i was sitting in the center left portion of the bar. anyway. a few minutes later blondie walks in. whatever, the local is where most of the workers of local business’s go to hang out and eat/drink. well, as the night wore on the 2 of them got more and more cozy.

well, well, well. things suddenly made A LOT of sense. eventually, he was sitting right next to her with his arm around her and she was leaning on him. yeeeeeeeah. i think you guys see where i’m going. my guess is he saw her flirting with me and made a comment to her. speculation of course, but i KNOW i’m on the right path. well, things must have gone south with him, because i walked in to the supermarket the other day and she told me hello. i didn’t respond, and i have no intention of doing so in the future. AAAAAAND the manager guy used to be all chatty with me, and now he won’t speak to me. and that’s fine, kid kinda irked me, so i’m glad he’s not talking to me.

fact of the matter is little blonde double-wide princess can take her pleasantries and shove them up her GED having, single mom, living with her parents, sorry cashier ass and die in a fire. one thing you don’t do is LIE about me and sully my good name. seriously, this girl is DEAD to me.

so there you have it. welcome to my world guys. it’s a fucking soap opera, right. lol.

stay up.

14 Comments on “Publix Update”

  1. Allie says:

    Wow just wow.

  2. Doug1 says:

    Danny, you should add a RSS subscription button or make it easier to find if you have one somewhere.

  3. Doug1 says:

    It’s a feature that wordpress and most other blogging sites offer. It lets readers subscribe to your posts via Google Reader or other RSS reader software. That way subscribers can scan down the blogs their subscribed to probably organized into different categories and see if you’ve got any new posts up that they haven’t read yet. It’s the main way I read blogs I like.

    It will increase your page views. It’s good for attracting regulars.

  4. Doug1 says:

    The RSS button is usually orange and often says RSS on it. Go to Heartiste’s site. You’ll see the two RSS buttons at the top right of the post’s page. One is for posts, the other if for comments to that particular post. (I never use the later and I don’t think many do.)

  5. Spooky says:

    That girl is 32 flavors of crazy with nuts on top.

  6. I like ur fucking soap opera, D. A little crazy maybe but never boring. 🙂

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      “….. It’s never boring.” I guess there’s always that. Lol. I’m glad my SMP misadventures provide you with a modicum of entertainment.

      Sent from my iPhone

  7. aneroidocean says:

    Wow, that’s fucked up. My first reaction is to say, “No way!” but after having a girl attempt to sully my name to protect her hamster, I think otherwise. Link below if you’re bored:

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