Ethnic Game

i used to use this strictly on black women, but realized it can work on any ethnic woman. i’ve NEVER had it fail me…..seriously. it’s GOLD and i’m going to share it with you guys. now, it’s best used on younger women and when you run it, i want to hear about it (fair is fair).

so…’re chatting her up, she’s keeping the conversation going. now, if she brings up the word “white-boy” OR at any point when you find a way to work it in say: “well, you know what they say about white-boys?”  she’ll typically respond with a smile and a, “no, what?” drop this tingle-bomb on her:

“once you go white… gon’ be aiiiiiight.”

she WILL laugh. now i follow with some self deprecating humor, some guys might disagree, but i’ve always managed to pull this off. i tell her, “you know that stereotype about white boys having small dicks?” she’ll usually reply with, “yeah.” then i’ll look her in the eye for a second or so and say, “totally true.” and laugh. again, she’ll laugh. some might say this is a bad move, but to me…self deprecation lets her know you don’t take yourself too seriously and it makes her laugh. laughter is pure chick-crack. i use it liberally. laughter gives you MANY opportunities to escalate as well (using the pregnancy line i mentioned before).

so there you have it. like i said, if/when you use this…..i’d LOVE to hear about it. stay up.

this gave me my daily el-oh-el.

12 Comments on “Ethnic Game”

  1. Socialkenny says:

    I really don’t see how such openers or witty lines could fail.A guy would really have to be so socially unaware,or just plain mute for this to not work.

  2. JS says:

    I like the self-depreciation humor from above….as a woman, I think that any guy who would claim to be hung like my pinky must really actually be hung like my arm b/c if a guy is really tiny, he would NEVER joke about it. And if nothing else, it has me seriously wondering “was he kidding? is he actually quite blessed as I suspect from the joke.”

    Now, while I may or may not end up dating and sleeping with him….now he has me thinking about his equipment and that is a good train of thought to get a woman on. Because we dont run around thinking about that stuff on our own…we think: will he commitment? does he like me? is he a good kisser? but not equipment related thoughts….so your joke has just escalated things majorly. Good joke line. Really goooood……..

  3. Danny,

    I have no idea what you are talking about.


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