Brody’s Soft Harem

after the “boy and his dog” post and all the comments it’s generated, i decided my Boy needed to start his own blogger soft-harem. so i’m letting you ladies know that Brody is no accepting offers to join his harem. the benefits include:

  • copious amounts of kisses to your face, legs and feet.
  • snuggling. my Boy LOOOOOOVES to snuggle. i can assure you his head will be resting in you lap A LOT.
  • entertainment. in the form ball retrieval, tail chasing, and all around goofiness.
  • protection. he will alert you of anything not right and attack something if it endangers you.
  • the cutest “who me” look you’ll ever come across.

so, there you have it. it’s time for my Boy to have his own Harem. so, i’m going to look after my Son and which of you Ladies wishes to be in Brody’s soft harem. simply reply with that you’re down and you’ll’ in the cool girls club. lol. besides how can you say no to this.

c'mon, you know you're down. you just CAN'T say no to this look.

5 Comments on “Brody’s Soft Harem”

  1. Well, given all the above traits, I’m in 🙂

    But…can I be in a soft harem of one?
    (Why do I keep getting this sinking feeling that my request will somehow NOT be granted…)

    Anyhow, what would our collective name be?
    Brody’s Babes?
    And given he is canine, Brody’s B*tches?

    Oh God, how did I end up here?

  2. JS says:

    Count me in!

  3. dannyfrom504 says:

    OY. Brody here-

    While I’m flattered and bemused over SpaceTraveller suggestion, it’s a tad vulgar for my tastes. Now I know Danny adores it, he’s a bit more of a cretin than I. So while “Brody’s Bitches” is a good chuckle, it’s not really for me.

    I prefer “Harem”; it alludes to waking into a room, pulling aside a curtain, and gazing upon a bevy of fit birds to choose from. So, let’s keep it simple, right? So far it seems I’ve two takers and I must admit; I’m a tad disappointed. I thought more would have stepped up.

    Come on Lasses, quit being shy. I don’t bite…..much.


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