Kane keeps slinging Heat

Kane recently posted a gem on “nice guy game” and he touched on a VERY key aspect (which i covered in “natural game”). nice guy guy game is simply a man who’s good people, but has self-respect and will call a woman/man someone out for being a dick. per Kane:

“Genuine nice guys have self-respect. They will comply with reasonable requests from anyone, but will call people out on their rudeness whether they’re male or female. Fake nice guys will only call out their male friends, but will let girls walk all over their balls if they think it’ll lead to sex.”

EXACTLY. this is the crux of how i approach people (men AND women). i’m cool, but cross the line and the beast appears. read the whole article here.

if you aren’t reading his blog, you should, Kane’s posting gold on the regular.



look, i know i have a decent amount of female readers, so let me say this: to any woman reading this blog, you NEED to be on Kane’s site. he’s a reformed player that is now relationship minded, but you can still draw from his experience and learn how a player operates. Kane is 100000x’s better with women than i’ll ever be. do yourself a favor Ladies and read his work. he’s a good voice.

One Comment on “Kane keeps slinging Heat”

  1. just visiting says:

    It’s all about being real, having self respect, boundaries, and standing up for yourself.

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