More on Military Women

there’s a girl i’ve known since i was in Sicily (96-99), we worked together for 2 years. she’s a cute girl too, seriously. but she’s your typical over-entitled cute woman in the Navy. a month or so ago she friend requests me on FB. she’s married, has a kid and she works in medical, but in a different sub-specialty. well, she posted a few pics of her and 2 friends and i commented. here’s the exchange:

me- i approve. send them my way

her- UPS or FEDEX?

me- you’re deployed, so whatever’s easiest. they’re tasty.

her- tasty? that’s kind of creepy Danny.

me- Jesus, seriously r******, you haven’t changed a bit. thanks for reminding me of why i never get involved with military women.


ok, i deal with this shit ALL.THE.TIME. now you know why i stay away from military women. look you take a hard 6, soft 7, throw her in the military, and within a few months she’s a soft 9…..and ACTS like it. is it true for every women, NO…of course not. and of course the guys are to blame as well, they put girls on such a huge pedestal it fucks it up for guys like me. so i just ignore them, not much else you can do. does this mean i’m a total dick to these girls, no….but i don’t see them as LTR candidate’s.

but hey……i only have to deal with them for 2 more years.


stay up.

9 Comments on “More on Military Women”

  1. Totally the opposite applies to military men… just sayin’

  2. dogsquat says:

    Join the Infantry.

    No Girls Allowed!

  3. Old Glory says:

    Exactly right. I remember my navy uncle explaining things like this to me when I was visiting him in Oahu way back in 2002 one summer when I was 19. He pointed out this absolute stunner of a military chick in the exchange when were having some dinner and then proceeded to tell me why she would chop your balls off and to never bother with chicks like her.

    I have a perfect mental image of that brunette still burned into my brain.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      The funny thing is, the female friends I have in the Navy are well aware of it, and it pisses them off, “It’s bitches like that that make us all look bad.”

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