My Red Pill Moment

it was 2007. i was sitting in my navy lodge room at naval medical center bethesda one night watching the tube. i was there for a 2 month stint to learn CT (computerized tomography…cat scans) and i didn’t know anyone and i was bored out of my mind. i was flipping through the channels and i glanced at a cute blonde singing a country song and stopped to listen. what i heard absolutely APPALLED me. here’s the video.


this made me physically angry. if there were a video where a man was destroying a woman’s shit for ANY REASON, there’d be a huge back-lash from several organizations. and you know i’m right. i thought to myself, “this cannot be serious. and it’s actually being PROMOTED and PRAISED.” i knew something was SERIOUSLY skewed in the country when shit like this is acceptable. i actually emailed the record company and complained about it but i’m sure you know how that went: ZERO response.

look, cheating is TOTALLY unacceptable. i’ve been cheated on before, but the last going through my head about it was, “i need to fuck up her shit.” i just broke up with her and moved on. but in the ever evolving feminist US of A, behavior such as that displayed in the video is encouraged YOU GO GUUUURL!!!! 

this was my wake up call. this is when i had my Neo moment. something was amiss, i wasn’t sure what it was…..but i didn’t like it. and i started paying more attention to men/women’s behavior in relationship. i should also add that i didn’t find the blogs for another 3 years.


better late than never though. stay up.

18 Comments on “My Red Pill Moment”

  1. Bill says:

    Bingo, Danny.

  2. Jim says:

    I think I gave a guy I know a red pill moment of his own last night. Young woman working at the cafe I hang out at starts ranting about her last job and “sexual harassment” from her boss. My response was so, what’s wrong with that. Guy working with her does the white knight thing of course trying to shame me. So I ask her what celebrity she finds attractive (I forget the name) but I turned around and asked if he was the boss would it still be harassment? She has to think for moment because she knows she just got busted and then she mentions it’s still wrong (BTW she was blushing) and I told her point blank bullshit. Her coworker didn’t say too much after that and had a puzzled look as well.

    Hopefully he wakes up off his knighthood.

    • Phoenix says:

      Probably not. Guys don’t go from blue pill to red pill in a day. They’re gonna have to do their homework and ‘wake up’ after they figure shit out.

      But you had him. You won that conversation.

      And by the way, check this out:
      -Went out to my local bar with a female ugly friend, who brought her more-attractive friend along. I go up to the bar with the girls behind me. I order my drink first, and the bartender says “You’re paying for them too?”

      I said “No, we’re all separate”.

      For real, I knew better. I wanted to rip the beer he got me out of his hand and call him a fucking pussy. The rest of the night was good anyway – the attractive friend was cheery with me while my ugly friend stayed silent most of the way because she felt like shit since I wasn’t paying her any mind. And that’s just TOO BAD. (Get your fucking ass in the gym, Nicole)

      Never give a girl a free drink if she hasn’t bought you a few already. Don’t spoil them. Society has already done so.

  3. That song came on once when I was in the hardware store in my little town. A young guy standing near be turned, looked at me with a horrified expression and asked “Do girls really -do- that?”

    I replied, “Maybe some craaazy bitches.” The women I know are not aggressive like that, and tend to get stepped on because of it. I think that’s why people do the “You go guuuurl” thing. They have been hurt in relationships & not taken a strong stand… So they revel in this over the stop aggressive stance.

    You are correct about the fact that if it was a guy smashing up a girl’s car, people would be very loudly shouting against it. Society certainly looks at it differently. Could it be because it’s not seen as a real threat? After all women are the majority of domestic violence, & rape victims. In fact, I’d wonder if it wouldn’t be more common for a woman to lie t keep her abuser -out- of jail than it would be for her to commit an act of vandalism over a purely emotional hurt.

    • JS says:

      Funny I was thinking almost the same thing. While yes, it is very wrong of a woman to destroy a man’s belongings because he cheated. Many women have been killed by exes simply for ending a relationship. I knew a 16 yr old girl who was killed by her ex because he couldnt handle the breakup and then he killed himself. Her mom had to find them both dead on her front lawn. Statistically speaking, the greatest physical thread to a woman is the man in her life. Personally, as a woman I’d love to trade places….risk my stuff getting shredding over worrying that if I end a relationship, the guy can snap and beat or kill me. It happens every day.

      See what I mean…

      • aneroidocean says:

        While very interesting information, stating that “Statistically speaking, the greatest physical thread to a woman is the man in her life.” is wholly wrong unless I misunderstood that article. Statistically speaking for PREGNANT women, yes, but not women as a whole. That’s a rather huge distinction.

      • JS says:

        Okay, Aneroidocean, how about this…

        On average, more than three women a day are murdered by their husbands or boyfriends in the United States.

        Every nine seconds, a woman is beaten in the United States.


    • Doug1 says:

      Women are not the majority of those who have domestic violence committed against them. More men are. Women are the ones who report domestic violence much more however, and even when men report it, unless it’s very serious with real injury, women are rarely arrested by police. Most of the most serious domestic violence short of murder is committed by men though, mostly because they’re stronger. However more men than women are murdered by their domestic partner.

      • dannyfrom504 says:


        I haven’t seen stats so I won’t jump in.


        I have seen men defend themselves from a woman and when the police came the man was arrested for “getting physical” with the woman.

        Sent from my iPhone

  4. deti says:

    Yes, things have a way of shoving red pills down our throats.

  5. aneroidocean says:

    I’d have to say that my most memorable red pill moment was when I read Neil Strauss’ The Game. Even though I knew it was embellished by Neil’s phenomenal writing, I knew that Style’s character was based in reality and that he truly had undergone a transformation, a fundamental change in how he understood male/female interaction. So many issues he had were those of my own and his view that men looking for just sex or much more all needed to know the things he learned in order to achieve their goals.

    I also used to be on an IRC chat with two very bright guys who were decent with women but looking to improve themselves. In giving some advice to the less successful people in the chat, I learned more about my own shortcomings and how I could turn them around.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      practice, practice, practice.

      i’ve screwed up so many times that i’m immune to rejection now. now….i’m the one screening the women i meet, not the other way around.

  6. WillieMaize24 says:

    It’s worse than you think.
    The song was no. 1 on the country music hit list a few years back! Plus, at least one of the lyric writers was a guy!! (There were two, one is Josh, the other is Chris. Don’t know if Chris is a guy or a girl).

  7. Chewie says:

    Bloody hell. That song is horrible in every way I can think of. I can’t believe such vindictive thoughts can get celebrated and praised like they are. Let’s remember a line from Pulp Fiction: don’t fuck with a man’s car. I’ll go one step further and say don’t mess with anyone’s car too.

    I’ve had a few brushes with the Red Pill, but the big moment came in May of 2011. I’d been dating a girl for a few months when I heard about a teaching opportunity in Korea. At the time, I had two part time teaching gigs, but I wanted something full time. Korea sounded like an interesting place and the wages/benefits were right. I jumped on it. I’d leave at the end of August. I told the Gf this and she vacillated between enthusiastic and annoyed/insecure. For a time, I assured her all would be fine and we got on okay. Then came a night where she wanted to change our date plans midstream. We’d planned on seeing a friend’s band but she said we should meet her friends in another neighborhood instead. I said no, I want to see my friend and that we’d have other nights to do stuff. This prompted a guilt trip about how I was leaving and we wouldn’t have anymore time together. I called her out on it. She got angry and drove away.

    I thought she’d cool off in a day or two. She called on day two and said we should meet, so we did. I’d thought she’d calmed down because she’d made the call. WRONG. The first thing she said upon meeting was, “Are you going to apologize for what you said?”

    I said, “No, I’m not. You were guilt tripping me and I didn’t like it.”

    Two things became clear then: We were finished and she wasn’t worth any more of my time. I knew that I was going away and she wasn’t worth hanging on to–not when a year’s worth of Korean girls was around the corner. We’d had a fun time together and all, but she wasn’t worth a long distance relationship.

    She drove away.

    I ended up flying out of the US on my 25th birthday. Life’s been great ever since the plane landed in Incheon that day. Cheers.

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