Game of Thrones Game

came in from hunting….

was catching up on “game of thrones” and viewed this gem of a scene: the imp and his handyman are surrounded, the barbarian asks the imp lord how he wished to die and the imp replies, “in my bed, at age 80, with a belly full of wine, and a girls mouth around my cock.”

gold. look, yes, i know it’s crude and all, but….let a man have his dreams, OK. lol.


second best line from a movie: “Conan the Barbarian”


warchief- “Conan, what is best in life?”

conan- “to crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of the women.”


fuck yeah. stay up.

2 Comments on “Game of Thrones Game”

  1. Kane says:

    That quote was stolen from Genghis Khan.

    “There is no greater pleasure than to destroy your enemy, to chase him before you, to see his cities reduced to ashes, to see those who love him shrouded in tears, and to gather into your bosom his wives and daughters.”

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