Hunting and Flaking

this weekend i had TWO things i wanted to accomplish: to hunt, and drink beer.

thursday night i went to the strip club (seriously, the place is blog GOLD) to have a couple. look, i know the place is dodgy but when i go there, i keep to myself. well, they know me there now. the 2 bartenders have my beer ready the moment i get to the bar. the DJ announces me when i walk in. i get my beer, i sit at my table and talk to the girls that approach me (and they NEVER ask me for a dance), they typically don’t stay long since they have to butter up the other older/beta guys for VIP dances (which cost $15 btw. smh). now, i’ll tip the certain girls when they dance…’s the polite thing to do. well, one of the girls pointed out a point as i was chatting up a lovely brunette about the blog and discussing game and said, “he’s like, always here, but he never talks to anybody.” i responded, “i’m talking right now, and when’s the last time you ever told me hello?”

the brunette girl agreed to come over the next night for dinner (she’s 21, i knew the flake factor was high….so i really didn’t place much into her agreeing to come over, but i DID number close). then, one of the girls that dances there mentioned wanting to go hunting. i told her i’d call around 5:45am. anyone wanna guess if someone came hunting with me? hell, i didn’t even call her.

i found 2 spots to hunt friday and really banked on the natural made blind. i didn’t go too deep into the forest though, and i had a few gobbles, but didn’t draw on in. i think next weekend i’m going to litter the area with some dried cranberries as bit of a lure. i have 4 more weeks and i think my boy wants to come out. the good news is i feel better and i can actually cough again. i even made more beef jerky.

now….the point of the post. i could have VERY easily put all my eggs in the basket of getting brunette cutie back to my place, BUT…..what i choose to focus on was going out to hunt turkey. so fellah, never forget to have a passion, a joy, a true hobby to place your time and efforts into. just make sure that that passion is NOT, women.  even though i didn’t get a bird on both fronts, i had a GREAT time being in the woods calling birds (i even ended up finding out i had a tick latch onto me when i got undressed back home). the turkey’s didn’t flake, i just wasn’t good enough to close the deal.

i think i made my point here. stay up.

3 Comments on “Hunting and Flaking”

  1. Turkey Friend says:

    Actually those turkeys did flake. What is wrong with the world?

  2. Spooky says:

    Hand to God, I keep calling them “ninja turkeys” in my head.
    You’ll probably get one next time.

    Completely unneeded remark:
    I was thinking that I needed to quote that “Have a hobby besides the opposite (or same, whatever) sex” to a couple people, and then I came to the blissful realization that I’ve successfully purged most of them from my life. Not all. But most.

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