Nuking a Military Hamster and the Publix girl

i’m at the clinic this week. the clinic is all active duty and the rule is, you must be in uniform to be seen unless you are on leave. i had a woman hard 6 soft 7 come to my front desk around 1400 (2pm) in civilian attire. i asked her if she was there for X-rays and when she said yes i asked her if she were on leave. she said yes, and i asked for her leave papers. she said she didn’t have them on her.


i asked her what her rank was and how long she’d been in. she was my rank and she’d been in 11 years. that’s when i told her,-

“shipmate, you mean to tell me you’re a sharp enough sailor to make E6 in 11, but not squared away enough to know you need to A- be in uniform for a military medical appointment B- if in a leave status don’t know to bring a copy of your leave papers?

silence. her face dropped. i continued

“tell you what shipmate (if i say shipmate i’m either about to get in your ass or make fun of you), you can do one of three things

  1. go put on a uniform and come back so i can knock out your exam
  2. bring me leave papers with a leave control number
  3. go to the hospital where they don’t care if you’re uniform or not.”

she turned and walked away. didn’t see her again. i’ll point out that she was quite flirty and complimentary to me when she approached that desk. that tells me she KNEW she was in the wrong and was gonna try and be slick. i bet she does this ALL DAY. i deal with this ALL THE TIME with military women. ESPECIALLY the cute ones.


then, i stopped at publix to get some beer and the girl that accused me of acting “inappropriate” with her saw me walk in and told me hello. the other day i tried to avoid her and she STILL addressed me trying to speak to me. so today when she did it i stopped and glared at her. i was VERY close to getting in her shit, but decided to juega la fria (play it cool). i got my beer and asked to speak to a manager so i could put her on blast. when the manager showed up i waved him over to me, then blondie realized he was walking up to me and she didn’t please. i explained the situation to the manager and told basically i want her to leave me alone.

“the girl lies and says i acted inappropriately to her, THEN acts like every things cool. that’s an insult and PROVES she was lying in the first place.”

he apologized and said he’d address it. it really took a lot of effort to make get on her in front of everyone. but hey, best not to shit where you eat.


stay up.

7 Comments on “Nuking a Military Hamster and the Publix girl”

  1. aneroidocean says:

    Pun[ishment] intended. Nice job on both.

    Wouldn’t it be “juego lo fria?”

  2. dannyfrom504 says:

    no, i wasn’t trying to say “i play” it was used as a general term.

  3. Spooky says:

    I wonder if Publix Girl has pulled that kind of thing before.

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