Practice makes you a Killer

i took on a different training technique with shooting the bow. instead of popping the center bullseye i took on the shooting principle “aim small, miss small” and i targeted the small outer bulls eye’s. and i was fucking ROCKING IT!!!!! first i did 25 years, then 30, then just under 40 yards. now, shooting a modern compound bow requires lining up a pin with the pin housing and a reticle on the string, THEN you have to get the bevel on the optics level so you don’t shank the arrow. THEN you have to release the trigger smoothly. i draw the arrow and take a deep breath. i hold my breath, line up the sights, then squeeze the trigger. i’ve learned to keep my elbow parallel to the deck as well, that helps also.

25 yards. notice the tight pattern, that's key. the bullseye is about the size of a baseball.

30 yards out.

just under 40 yards.

i was AMPED. actually shooting a smaller target tightened my pattern significantly. i decided to try putting one arrow in each top bulls eye. i NAILED the top right, JUST missed the one to the left of that, then shanked the next one about 2 inches high- dead center, i fired the last arrow and felt a harsh burn on my forearm…..OOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!!!! now there’s a nice red swath on my forearm. i knew i was fatigued and called it a day.

i SHAN’T be repeating that error.

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