Books for Guys that actually like to read

it’s friday and you know what that means….it’s BOOK TIME!!!! i’ve always been fascinated with psychology, i’m not going to recommend a book as much as i plan on suggesting an author. i was looking for a book on krav maga and saw “mental dominance-the art of ninja mind power” by Dr. Haha Lung. it’s basically about how cults and secret societies of china, vietnam, japan, and india use mind control tactics on people to ensure obtaining their objective, and seduction is covered A LOT. i can honestly say this book has VERY real potential to be abused but also offers insight to help you realize you MAY be being conned. each chapter deals with the specific region and it’s methods. it really is interesting. once i finish i’m going to read “ninja shadow hand, the secret art of invisibility” this one is all about “stealth, secrecy and subterfuge”. i picked this one because as a hunter, staying out of sight is key. there are probably 8-9 books he’s written so throw his name into amazon’s search engine and pick the one you might be interested in.

and any book that has the following warning on it: “these are very powerful-and dangerous- secrets. mental dominance is for academic study only”….WINSAUCE!!!!!


our musical guest will be the 90’s indie band Ultra Vivid Scene. i’ve NEVER heard of anyone that had heard of them. they have some shoe gazer elements and kind of a jesus and mary chain feel. i hope you enjoy. the first one is for…….well, they know. i also feel the urge to point out the the album “Rev” was my go to sexy-time music when i was in my 20’s. it’s a VERY sexy album.






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