Guys: Don’t be “fine”….

fellah’s, i’m going to share one of my secret’s with you. this is a damn near 100% way to bring the tingles when you get opened or open a woman. i use this ALL.THE.TIME. ok…..say you’re ANYWHERE and you open or get opened and a girl asks you, “how are you?” i want you to use a serious tone use this answer…

“super fantastic thank you for asking.”

she will-

  1. laugh
  2. comment how she’s never heard that one before

i kid you not…..try it and watch. but…i don’t stop there. i’ll ask her how she’s doing and if she says “ok, or fine, or alright”. just shake your head no and tell her she’s too cute to be “ok” (i’m a big fan of calling a girl cute, it’s some validation, but she wants to be better than “cute”). tell her she can do better than “ok.” ask her how she’s doing again and whatever answer she gives you tell her, “damn, you really suck at this.” tell her to say, “i’m awesome. so awesome that i’m a superhero. they call me Awesoma warrior queen of ‘whatever city you’re in’.” ok, now if she’s still letting you run this, you’re doing fine. but….end it there and let her get back to whatever she was doing.

now, the whole point of this is to stand out and make the conversation fun. i’ve NEVER had this fail. ok, IF you run this on a waitress/bartender…..DO NOT escalate. in order to hook up with either of these 2, you need to become a regular. during that time flirt and DHV, and find out if they have a bf. eventually if she’s single you can suggest doing something away from her job.

if you’re somewhat new to game. i want you to use this line and when she tells you how original the phrase is just thank her and let her know you’re a unique individual. make sure you then wink and smile, then walk away. this works so well because she’s at work, and you just gave her a smile and took her out of her drab little work world and brought her into you own personal “fun-land”.

that’s ultimately your goal anyway, right?

just keep using the line EVERYTIME someone….ANYONE asks you how you’re doing. eventually it’ll be internalized and it will be your own little piece.


thank me later of course. lol. stay up.

35 Comments on “Guys: Don’t be “fine”….”

  1. Good shit dude. I’ve always went with a with a corny “Fannnn-tastic!” and girls eat it up. Never thought of doing the “you suck at this” follow-up though. Gonna use that one next time.

  2. Great bit of peacocking, Danny!

    Erm, can I admit that this works on me (and has worked on me)?
    Maybe because it is such a marker of confidence in a man.
    He may be having a horrible day, but he’s not gonna ‘play the victim’. (‘cos that’s my domain).
    Doing this is also slightly outrageous, especially if done with a straight face. That’s why a woman might laugh. It’s packed full of ‘shock factor’.
    It’s nice to be able to understand why things work, Danny. Great work.

  3. Professor Mentu says:

    Excellent post. I usually go with “I’m perfect. Thanks for noticing.” followed by a sly playful grin. I get a 90% positive return on that, and just assume the other 10% are lesbians on their period.

  4. Halibet Lector says:

    I go the opposite direction – I put on a big grin and say in an exaggeratedly cheerful voice “Terrible, thanks for asking!” That usually gets a laugh. When they ask “What’s wrong?” I say “Nothing, it’s just my policy.” I need a better follow up, it usually kills the conversation (or at least tones it down).

    • aneroidocean says:

      “Well, you weren’t smiling. Now I’m doing great.”

      “Everything! How are you?” (then launch into Danny’s suggested followup)

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      I wouldn’t go with a negative here. What I do works because she’s NEVER heard it before and there’s no way your day could be going that well.

      Another good one is if a server/cashier asks you how your dining/shopping experience went- look her right in the eye and with total seriousness in your voice say, “rlthis was quite possibly the greatest dining/shopping experience of all my adult life.”

      If she doesn’t laugh, she’s not worth your time.

  5. aneroidocean says:

    Have you ever gone with something real? For example, there’s been times when I’m doing okay, but I had a bunch of challenges that day. I’ve gone with variations on the following but I can see how just being ridiculous/silly/fun probably works better most of the time.

    “Well, today was total crap at work, but I sorted it all out and now I’m having a great time.”

    Just something a little more honest, but with an upbeat perspective. It’s a lot better than “fine” or “ok.”

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      Dude, the point of the line is it’s humorous. Making her laugh is key. If you use the line you suggested it’s a path to LJBF.

      The point here is to stand out from the other guys there that are coming on to her. Making her laugh and bringing her into you frame is key.

      Sent from my iPhone

  6. aneroidocean says:

    I also find that being straight up with a bartender is usually the best. I’m not saying you should cry on their shoulder, but they can see through your bullshit “okay” or “fine” response way better than most anyone else around.

    It’s okay to have a drink after a rough day. If you’re honest, they will relate to you better and you may get even better service.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      Hmmmmm. Not in my experience my last gf was a bartender. Of course I had help cuz her bestir was a friend, BUT. What she liked was I DIDN’T come on to her.

      I found our common ground (books) and worked that. She said she decided on me after we talked books. I escalated, but nothin overt. I could have fucked her on our first time out in a bookstore, but i teased her instead.

      A bartender is a woman with a job controlling people and dealing with asses all shift. Be cool, be a regular and joke bout her job. You have to make service people chase you, considering they get chased all day.

      And NEVER discuss your bullshit. That’s bartender LJBF zone.

      Sent from my iPhone

      • aneroidocean says:

        Doh, I forgot to mention that this was general behavior for bartenders you’re not trying to fuck. I’ll post my recent waitress/server pick up and you can critique (I’d appreciate it).

  7. Bill says:

    Opened a model in Vegas this week when she asked me how I was. I said, “I’m at the top of life’s pyramid of needs. I am creating the world I want for myself.”

    Had her number is 5 minutes.

    We had dinner together the next night.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      Waitress’ get slammed with come on’s so DHV works well. like I said, draw them into your world and out of the “work” world they do.

      Remember, by and large they hate their job. I RARELY go after waitress’ or bartenders unless I have a great angle/in to work.

      Never would have gone after my ex (bartender), but my girl was her bestie. My friend talked me up and my game sealed the deal. Had it not been for my friend it would have taken MUCH longer to bag her.

    • (r)Evoluzione says:

      This, gentlemen, is how it’s done. Your verbiage need not be this specific, but this is the feeling, context, and subcommunication that hits home runs.

  8. Vae Victus says:

    Excellent advice. BTW, boyfriends don’t matter. If she is attracted enough, she will go out with you anyway.

  9. Phoenix says:

    Her: “So how you doing today?”
    Me: “Well I just farted. Now I feel much better”

  10. Athor Pel says:

    I’ve got a story of sorts on this subject.

    I’ve opened girls while in a high energy state, I was “On”, and then met them again days later while in a more normal (as in lower energy) frame. I could see they were wondering what was wrong, well, to them it seemed something was wrong. They had never seen me any other way than “On”.

    Some of them would actually say something about it. I sensed a little resentment on their part. Almost like they were wanting the puppet to dance for them. I could imagine them thinking, “Dance for me! Surprise me! Make me laugh! Why won’t you entertain me puppet man?!”

    For me I’ve found that many of the girls that I attract when I’m “On” are not the ones I want to keep around. To keep them I have to be “On”.

    I’m not always “On” and never will be.

    I think I get a little schadenfreude from letting them down. That’s about the extent of my cruelty.

    As for correcting a girl’s response to your question of, “How are you doing today?”, I have also found that creating a frame where you are the teacher and she the student is golden.

  11. Spooky says:

    I actually know someone who, when I ask him how he is, will occasionally inform me that he has terrible gas, thank you very much, and how am I today? Now, this cracks me up simply because I know he’s not kidding, but his sense of humor is also pretty dead-pan–it’s more in how he delivers it than anything else.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      It’s all about delivery and knowing your audience. Women will tell me I smell good and I’ll reply, “yeah, I know….I’m gassy.”

      They giggle every time.

      Sent from my iPhone

  12. susanawalsh says:

    Danny, that line has me grinning from ear to ear. It even works second hand, in writing, on an old married broad. You’re such a natural.

  13. blazefrazier says:

    Completely agree with you. If you’re normal, you’re not going to stick out. Words can be an aphrodisiac.

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