Another Gem to use….Yer Welcome

since i’m in a great mood and the “don’t be fine” post was a hit i figured i’d share another line with you. you can use this on ANY woman. the key is that it can only be run on waitress’ and women in stores/supermarkets…etc. now, if it’s a waitress, after you’re done eating and she asks you how the meal was, look her dead in the eye and say with absolute seriousness and say the following-

“this was by far the greatest *whatever you ate* i’ve ever had in my entire life. i was thinking the birth of my child was the most epic event i ever witnessed….no. it was the burger i just ate. seriously….i could die now and i’ll be a happy Danny.” they always laugh when i do this.

if she works at a store or supermarket and she asks if you found everything you were looking for respond with-

“this was by far the greatest shopping experience of my entire adult life. seriously, i feel like i just got back from disney world.”

trust me…’s MONEY. the next time she see’s you she’s sure as shit going to remember you.

now, if she’s a waitress….DO NOT ESCALATE. waitress/bartenders can’t really be moved on until you’ve become a regular. to an extent the same rule can be applied to strippers. don’t escalate until they know you and differentiate yourself from the clientele. trust me, i KNOW this.

now, i wanna hear from you guys that use this and tell me how it turned out for you. remember you have to deliver the line with complete seriousness. delivery is key here.

stay up.

4 Comments on “Another Gem to use….Yer Welcome”

  1. OffTheCuff says:

    I use a variant of this Friday… That was the best MRI I’ve ever had. Of course, it’s the only one I’ve ever had, so technically it’s also the worst.

  2. OffTheCuff says:

    They both laughed. Two birds, one stone.

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