Training Day

friday there was a base wide excersize and i i was back at the base clinic. since the drill was only essential base personnel there friday. well the clinic decided to have a training exercise  where there was a IED that blasted a patrol.  i was tasked with being a patient.

for those of you that don’t know, although i work in radiology now there’s a saying “Corpman first, tech second.”. what this means is i’m expected to know my trauma management since it’s a big-part of what i do. however, since i’m senior….it’s highly unlikely that i’m kicking in doors in the shit. so, that means my job is to train the junior guys.

for the drill i had the following injuries:

  • abdominal evisceration
  • open fracture to the LT tibia
  • open fracture to the RT ulna
  • gash across my forehead.

the guys were set up in groups of 3, and the moved tactically over a 3 block area. now for the fun part…..i’ve treated ALL these injuries so i’m going to let you in on what i was going to do. i KNEW the guys were gonna focus on my cut tummy, AE cause a TON of pain. so when the guys got to me, i was screaming at the top of my lungs and clutching my stomach. and i KNEW what was gonna happen, i need to get into these kids head to give them a sample of what they’re going to be dealing with in the field. an AE is NOT immediately life-threatening, but the broken tibia COULD POSSIBLY be life-threatening, and the gash could possibly be the cause of traumatic brain injury (TBI), the broken ulna was not AS serious, but of concern.

the guys were clearly rattled. now there are 18-young 20’s Corpsmen. one of the instructors was spraying my lower leg with fake blood and i was screaming my head off. it worked…..brilliantly. after the training excursive i had 3-4 of the guys approach me and say how scared they were and how they couldn’t focus. now, i did prompt the guys when they were getting off track. “SECURE THE FUCKING LEG OR I’MMA FUCKING DIE, AAAAAAH!!!!” once they secured the tourniquet i told them to, “get us the fuck out of here….or we’re all fucking dead!!!!!” they grabbed me, drug me to a secure location and began working on me. they basically need to be done working on me and getting me to the LZ within 15-20 minutes.

it was a great evolution for the junior guys really took a lot away from the training; and did i mention i had a blast. don’t believe me…..see for yourself.

one of my girls playing with my tummy.

about to start training. looks like you can see my yam-bag, huh.

burger burn afterwards

i was writhing around on the gurney so violently, i didn't notice i had abrased the back on my head. lol.

13 Comments on “Training Day”

  1. Michel says:

    Kuato is my wingman.

  2. Ribbon Butterfly says:

    … D: Oh god I never want to be in a trauma centre in battle.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      My bread and butter girl. I’m numb to it now. I have a laser like focus with trauma, it just doesn’t rattle me.

      Sent from my iPhone

    • dogsquat says:

      People are just pieces of meat with a list of problems to fix when you’re busy.

      Two years later, by yourself, on some Wednesday morning at 3 a.m. – that shit is the hard part.

  3. dogsquat says:

    I can’t help it.

    I’m sitting here with the same shit-eating-grin on my face as you.

    Get some, Doc!

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      It was a good time. I was hoping you’d show up. I really wish you could have watched the evolution.

      You know the drill, when you’re in the shit….when someone could die, you better have your head and ass wired tight.

      And good point you made about calling for you vs. calling for mom.

      Sent from my iPhone

  4. zorroprimo says:

    The fake intestines were kinda gross. I’m more a rubber vomit and plastic dog turd kind of guy.

    You know…old school.

  5. aneroidocean says:

    Kissy face second picture? Hahaha

  6. The Navy Corpsman says:

    The worst for me was always explosive concussion, sometimes even without bruises ever showing. From what my son tells me, these have become by far the most prevalent trauma, especially TBI. I could almost always fix a 7.62X39 round, but there isn’t jack I could do in the middle of the suck for concussion except call evac and pray with the guy. I’m glad you’re teaching them better now. Mortars and mines, those were the big fears back in my day. Now the bastards take 500kg bombs and wire them to cell phones.

    Somedays, Danny, I’m glad I was forced out medical. All my best wishes.

    The Navy Corpsman

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