BCG’s and geek game

sunday i decided to head to strip club for a beer. ok, you guys need to understand something….they know me there now. by and large the girls are cool, and it’s GREAT watching the girls work the guys. it’s important to point out that i’ve NEVER been asked to get a VIP dance. i get in, get my beer, sit at my table and keep to myself. there are 4-5 girls there that i’m cool with and they’ll come talk to me for 5 minutes then head right back out to get their hustle on. now, their not asking me for a VIP tells me they know i’m not a mark. and to be honest, the place is GOLD. i’m there an hour or two and i’ve never had a bad time. if it’s busy, i’ll hang out in the DJ booth and BS with her. for those of you that are unfamiliar….the DJ is the person to know in a strip club. take care of the DJ and yer golden.

well….sunday i decided to try something different. instead of wearing my regular izod tortoise shell glasses, i ran the BCG’s. BCG’s are “birth control glasses”. they’re called that because they’re SOOOOO damn gaudy that you’d NEVER get laid wearing them. look, these things are AWFUL. well, i threw them on, rocked a star wars shirt and headed to the strip club. well….

the girls LOVED the glasses. seriously, i look ridiculous in them, but i’ve got preselection on my side, so looking like a complete dork was charming and cute. it was slow that night so i had 3 of the girls i know sitting with me. 2 of them even took pics in my God awful glasses. look….

see, i told you the glasses are hideous.

try not to stare at the underboob.

i’d like to point out that these two are really cool, so if any commenters start talking shit about them, your comment will be nuked.

i heard this song at the club and i think it’s a GREAT theme for the SMP for a lot of the young girls today. kinda sad though.

13 Comments on “BCG’s and geek game”

  1. So-So says:

    yeaaa i set my BCG’s on fire and did an “Office Space” smashdown on them after bootcamp. You rock them pretty well, me not so much…

  2. Allie says:

    Where I live…. those glasses would be trendy. Lmao

  3. aneroidocean says:

    This reminds me that I still need to excise stripper glitter/fake tanner from one of my pairs of slacks from the last time I was in Vegas. I should’ve known that the particular group of guys would end up at a strip club at the end of the night. I turned all the strippers away for lap dances but they STILL GOT ME with that damn shit. I’m still a little miffed.

    I have had very interesting conversations with girls at strip clubs while the rest of the guys poured their wallets out. Enough that I might actually date the right stripper if she wasn’t also a prostitute.

  4. Hey Danny,

    Superman had glasses like those…didn’t do him any harm!
    The geek look can be quite the trendy look sometimes, in a weird sort of way 😀

  5. dogsquat says:

    You need to get some white “no-tan-line” racing stripes for the look to be complete.

    Bonus points:

    Next time bring your gas mask prescription lens inserts and get the gals to wear those.

  6. susanawalsh says:

    Danny, you’ve got more preselection than anyone in the manosphere. Seriously, you get it done, and you’ve got the pics to prove it. Wow.

    The thing is, you’re nice. Women love you, and even have sex with you, because you’re nice. You know how to make people feel special. Nice Guy Game. Danny is the man.

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