Game of Thrones and an amazing update


danny’s busy with his stupid hockey game so i decided i was going to gush about the best thing to come out of HBO since bewbies on the TV: GAME OF FRICKIN’ THRONES!!!!

for the uninitiated, GOT is the story of 4 different kingdoms that are vying for power. the show has it all: blood, bewbies, midgets, swordplay, bewbies, and monsters. since i’m over my beloved skyrim and ran across this series and i informed danny that we WOULD be dvr’ing this. by now you should be well aware of my love of all things medieval, and this show is fricking awesome, marinated in awesome sauce, covered with a delectable awesome crust. the season ended with a beautiful blonde emerging from a fire surrounded by baby dragons.


there’s a lot going on in season one and i can’t wait for season 2 to start next month. seriously, i haven’t been this excited since i killed 2 trolls and 3 knights LARP’ing with the guys. it was a pretty epic battle but i feel i wasn’t really killed since the sword BARELY touched my chest. i’m still sore with Forthen for making the call that i was dead.

season finale. NSFW. this made The Dark One a VERY happy Dark Lord.

since danny’s all into that game crap i thought i’d include this one as well.

there’s been an amazing update with my online gf PMSPRO/MissMalice/Spooky recently. she actually sent me correspondence. well, it’s weird cuz i never really realized she was into this kind of stuff. but apparently she’s into bondage or something cuz the letter i got from her said “restraining order”. it also mentioned something about “100 yards”. what i’m reading here tells me she wants me to i guess tie her up on a football field or something. whatever, i mean…..ladies choice. but….i’m psyched that she actually wrote me. it’s kind of weird because she keeps changing her blog handles, nukes her blogs (i always posted really good poems to her on her blogs), and changes her emails. i’m usually good at finding her new emails (thank you freedom of information act), so i can continue to shower her adoration. and i deliver some doozies. i think i told her something along the lines of, “my love for you shines brighter than a 1000 dawns pulled across the sky by a fleet of unicorns” (chicks dig unicorns). it really must have moved her because she was pretty speechless and simply responded with “stop, you’re scaring me.” oh yeah baby….oh yeah, i’m scared of losing you too sweetheart. i’m taking this that she wants more poems and attention, so if anyone has any good ideas, email danny so he can pass them along to me. thanks.



5 Comments on “Game of Thrones and an amazing update”

  1. aneroidocean says:

    I will have to check out this Game of Thrones show. I already watch too much TV already.

  2. Athor Pel says:

    You are now responsible for me buying these books.

    There are a crap ton of clips from the series on Youtube. I watched about 45 minutes worth after watching the ones you embedded here. I’ll probably buy the DVD’s once they come out as well.

  3. Spooky says:

    I see LDS met my alter ego, Miss Emails People When I’m Sleeping. She’s not supposed to go near the computer.
    I’ll be sure to give her an extra hour on the rack.

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