The Tactical Error

OffTheCuff came screaming in at the last minute with the best answer. everyone knew about “the grenade”, no surprise there. that’s basic stuff.

here’s what they did wrong.

the approach and the mix set was no biggie, like i said, the open went well, the wing came in and the group looked to be having an over-all good time. then the 2 6’s gave the guys their chance and they fucked it up. when the 4 went to the bathroom, they (or even one for that manner) didn’t follow her. this is when the guys should have number closed and made an excuse to leave. i ALWAYS close the set, if she does….weak sauce. i’d have said something along the lines of this: “it’s been cool talking with you” (i’d have handed her my phone and told her to punch her number in), we’ll continue this later. besides, i need to get back to my boys. miss me.”

but they didn’t. and the 4 nuked ’em.

there you have it, when you see your opportunity…..and it might not be a large window to operate in; TAKE IT…and move on.


9 Comments on “The Tactical Error”

  1. Badger says:

    Tactics indeed…uncover your target and strike, don’t let the unit regroup and be stronger than before.

  2. aneroidocean says:

    Yeah, they got a gift like mana from heaven with the grenade leaving and going to the bathroom. They should’ve ejected at the top of the climb, not when they were flying towards the ground, without enough height to have their chutes open in time.

    • Badger says:

      Last week I was chatting up two girls who had two guys sitting at their table who I discovered they’d just met that night. We all get up to leave and the guys say “I’m going to hit the bathroom before we leave.” They leave me alone with the two chicks – unbelievable! I close the petite brunette and get out of there.

  3. ASF says:

    danny illustrates how a lot of game comes down to executing the basics, in this case, ABC.

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