Stay Up

stay up.

anyone that’s been to my site for any amount of time has heard me (and the ocassional reader) end a post with this line. but-

what does it mean exactly? fast forward back to the late 80's-early 90's- i was a writer.

NOOOO, not THAT kind of writer, i wrote grafitti. i was pretty damn decent at it too. i wasn't much for tagging, but i wrote "pieces" and did throw ups. now if you think the sphere has a unique terminology, graffitti is like learning mandarin. now, since i didn't have to deal with "top-to-bottoms" or "panel pieces", i was stiricly running "wall burners". "fade", "cloud", "end to end", "bomb", "throw-ups", "up", etc. were all phrases you'd hear me speak on a daily basis.

"stay up" is a common farewell to another writer. it means you're telling the other writer to keep his name visible on walls. "yo, you seen Best….that fools up like a muh-fuckah. and top-mob (my old crew) is KILLING it lately." back then my days were comprised of writing pieces in class (should have been studying…i know), skipping 7th period to go pick-up on chapelle girls to fuck (it's an all girls catholic school by my high school), downing 40's, and stealing krylon to "stay up".

now you know so…

my boy vic in miami. this is who taught me to write. wrote for top mob in NO.

i REALLY need to shoot down to miami.

back in NO in the 90's. he has SICK can control.

from his black book. all writers keep a black book to show other writers. lost mine LOOOONG ago.

best and bugs one. bugs was one of the prominent writers for top mob- a graf crew in NO.

my only surviving sketch circa 1995. not one of best pieces of work. lol.

nothing to do with graffiti, but....DAT ASS!!!! i REALLY need to get down to miami to visit my boy.

“for niggas who don’t understand, obviously this wasn’t made for you, so fuck you…..” or just skip to 2:52. for the record, i know EVERYTHING he’s talking about in this song. lol.

stay up. oh, my proof-reader took the day off. deal with it.

Summer’s in Spain and the Best Summer Drink EVAAAAR!!!!

before i came to florida i spent close to 3 years in Spain, but not just ANYWHERE in Spain…but southern Spain, Andalucia. the home of flamenco, sangria, bullfighting. i lived in a small town called el puerto de santa maria, in an area called “vista hermosa”. it was an interesting 3 years. well, right about this time of year is “feria”, when the towns have their spring fairs. they drink and dance all night. i used to drive out to the “pueblos blancos” and walk the alleys looking for little gems in the town. southern spain is very laid back and chill. 2:00-5:00 is siesta, so don’t even THINK of getting anything done. dinner is at 10:00pm (which i never accustomed to) and the beaches are topless (which i DID grow accustomed to). as i stated in an earlier post, i had ALWAYS wanted to get orders to Spain., but by the time i ended up there my urge to run around had died. so it was a bittersweet duty station.

one thing most people say about spain is how bad they want a good sangria. well….i’ll tell you a secret- sangria is a tourist drink. the locals drink “tinto”. tinto is a mixture or red wine and citrus soda (i used casera, but they don’t sell it in the US) served over 2-3 cubes of ice. and it’s FUCKING BRILLIANT!!!!! dear GOD is tinto good. i’ll include the recipe in at the end of the post.

now….the fall/winter season was always pretty quiet. but summertime…..the place LIT UP. well, my house was next door to a hotel. the hotel always had tourists from england, germany, france, ireland, sweden……etc. well, i’d head to the hotel bar around 11-midnight (everyone heads to clubs around 1-2am and the clubs close around 6. fuck that btw) and hang out the bar. i got to know the bartenders so i’d sit and chat with them allowing to girls to hear my “accent”. worked like a charm. i’d AWAYS run into some girl that was happy to meet an American. i’d chat her up and “mention” that i live right around the corner. sometimes, they’d wanna see the place that night (giggity), but most times they’d want to meet up during the day at the pool, THEN, they’d end up “visiting” the canton. lol. the english girls were the best, they were ALWAYS down to chilling at the crib. i’d make them a few tinto’s, maybe BBQ some chicken, and then give them a little slice of “americana”. lol. it was a definitely a good time.  oh…..tinto-

1 cup red wine

1/4 cup diet 7up/sprite

2-3 ice cubes

my house in Puerto

at a bullfight. YES, i am rocking a pink shirt.

in Cadiz with Josie

Rhonda, spain. they threw "heretics" from that bridge during the inquisitions.

the beach by my house. many bewbies were gawked here. MANY.

the cathedral in cadiz.

the moor castle of puerto.

my girl Yoas and her niece enjoying feria.

arcos de la frontera. one of the "pueblos blancos" of andalucia.

yours truly at the roman theater in cadiz.

my living room in spain. let the seduction begin.

end game. this is where the disappointment happens.

More Relationship advice from AOTS

Featuring- Drunk uncle Ted. Yer welcome.

Gut Check

In the new movie “The 5 Year Engagement,” Universal Studios put Jason Segel on a diet and made him lose 35 pounds. The studio did not believe audiences would believe his tubby ass could really be coupled with skinny Emily Blunt (who has a GREAT ASS btw). This has to be the most hilarious thing I’ve read in a long time and just goes to show how out of touch Hollywood is with reality. Of course this is absolutely preposterous. Besides, you just KNOW that Jason has the personality that makes girls giggle in delight. He’s funny and he’s easy going. That totally trumps his gut. Well, when I was dating the Sicilian girl and then when I had the gf in NO, I was tad overweight. Now, I wasn’t OBESE, but I was chunky. Hell, it’s only been in the last few months that I’ve dropped about 10 pounds. I definitely look thinner. So-So mentioned how I look slimmer and a bit more attractive then when she first met me.

But guess what…

Do you REALLY think my being chubby affected the ex’s attraction to me? NOPE!!! Absolutely not. Guys typically put too much emphasis on their shell and not enough on what really matters to most women – their SUBSTANCE. What makes you tick, what drives you, what you are passionate about, WHO you are. No point in being a pretty boy with a 6 pack if your core is muddled and a mess. That’s tingle kryptonite.

Remember MEN are the ones who judge mostly based on looks, women judge us by our character and being able to stand:

A – on our own

B – up to her.

So don’t worry about your gut more then you worry about your character/masculinity. If you need to do that, please see the Dude Manrod videos.

Books for guys that actually Read: Rollins

i’ve always admired Henry Rollins. guy’s a BEAST. but more than that he’s a very interesting individual. he’s written few books and i ended up buying a book that was a collection of all his works. the book is VERY good, but i admit….being a fan of black flag makes me somewhat biased towards his work. his journal entries are alright, but his short stories are REALLY good. my favorite’s involve his talking about how he got into weight lifting, his time working as a pet store worker, and his first years living in LA. get a look into the mind of an honest Alpha male.

Portable Henry Rollins

tonight i feature- the black rebel motorcycle club

Into the Locker-room: Dude Manrod

i LOVE attack of the show (AOTS), i was pissed when i saw how direct tv dropped the channel. well, one of the segment is man advice from AOTS resident BAMF Dude Manrod. i feel as though i’ve cheated you guys with the locker-room/MSD posts. so to make amends, i present these gems. ladies, i must warn you. watching these videos just may lead to you’re getting pregnant. THAT’S how BAMF Dude Manrod is. you’ve been warned. guy, if your balls haven’t descended yet, they’re about to.

i’ll allow guys to let this marinate for a bit; stay tuned for this weekends utterly retarded GENIUS relationship advice.

The INTJ Survival List

Since there are so many of us on the Sphere, I thought I’d share this after i stumbled upon it. Yer welcome Ladies

How to handle an INTJ

Here’s a concise guide, based on decades of personal observation (IOW, mostly staring into my own head), on how to survive first contact with an INTJ. Not all INTJs will fully conform to (or even agree with) all these points… there’s a wide spectrum of variation out there. For instance, there is a rumor going round that some INTJs are less sarcastic than others.

So don’t take this list too seriously (INTJs, after all, tend to take things seriously). On the other hand, ignore it at your own peril (not a bad disclaimer, he, he).

  1. Expect debate. INTJs enjoy tearing things apart to understand them and to prove (or disprove) their worthiness.
  2. They will gladly argue a point they don’t actually support, just for the sake of argument or to probe things. This bears repeating: an INTJ can easily and persuasively assume a point of view which is wholly contrary to his actual conviction. If in doubt, ask. yup
  3. INTJs do have a strong sense of humor, often dry and quick, but also a bit warped. It can easily take a morbid streak. *averts eyes*
  4. Expect blunt, honest, sometimes even hurtful answers: if you don’t want to hear the truth, you wouldn’t ask, would you? true
  5. INTJs like to do lists, enumerations, pattern sorting and putting things into an ordered state (ordered for them, not necessarily for the rest of the world).
  6. Statements you can’t back up with either solid facts or solid reasoning will at best be ignored and at worst poked fun at in ways not many people would describe as nice. i have 4 black belts in this
  7. Try to be both concise and precise. Using 81 woolly words where 18 sharp ones would suffice will not endear you to them.
  8. They do love wordplay though: if you can re-package your 81 woolly words in a witty, unexpected, esoteric fashion, they’ll appreciate that.
  9. Don’t expect an INTJ to respect anything you (or some other authorities) say just because you (or some other authorities) say it. INTJs bow to one authority only: rationality. dear God yes
  10. For an INTJ truth is more important than simply being right, so they will readily admit errors or mistakes (once they have been convinced something they said or did was indeed wrong — to convince them may not be easy though). INTJs unfortunately expect others to work likewise (and react bewildered if they don’t). guilty
  11. Stick to a statement after being proven wrong by facts or reasoning and an INTJ will treat you as an irrational idiot and everything you say as probable nonsense. or call you a democrat
  12. Try not to be repetitive. It bores them to death. GOD is this me.
  13. Clumsy attempts at political correctness and similar aberrations will greatly amuse them. lol
  14. Don’t be surprised at sarcasm, hyperbole and flippancy. In fact, a non-sarcastic INTJ must be severely ill. MOI?
  15. Expect punctuality and exactness. They try hard to be on time and they hate unpunctual-ness, especially of the casual sort: the words obsessive-compulsive come to mind. very true
  16. They tend to be quite forgetful in everyday life, especially for trivial things like car keys, dropped tools or anniversaries. “danny, we talked about this yesterday.”
  17. You can’t trust that an INTJ takes something, anything for granted. They do take some things for granted, but you’ll never know what and what not. The more extreme ones are actually willing to put everything to the test (and I mean everything).
  18. Remember that INTJs believe in workable solutions. They are open-minded to all and every possibility, but they will quickly discard any concept they deem unfeasible.
  19. Their way of showing that something you say (an idea, a suggestion) has potential or merit is by trying to pull it apart (which shocks those poor souls who instead expected awe or admiration). The ultimate INTJ insult to an idea or suggestion is to ignore it altogether, because that means it’s not even interesting enough to deconstruct. very true
  20. INTJs can and will make themselves and everything else (and again, I mean everything) the butt of their jokes, witticisms and deeply nonsensical remarks. guilty
  21. Do not expect INTJs to care very much about how you view them. They already know that many people see them as arrogant bastards with a weird sense of humor and they long since got used to it. basically
  22. INTJs, in the privacy of their minds, frequently think the unthinkable and expect the unexpected. So don’t be taken aback if they express little or no surprise if something “impossible” happens. “who said i’m incapable of learning ninjitsu?”