Batshit Crazy

it’s common knowledge among guys that “the prettier the woman, the crazier she is”. now it’s not true of ALL beautiful woman, but for the most part it’s true. most of the average girls are really kind of laid back and chill.

now….not so much.

recently, i’ve noticed the same bat-shit insane behavior from 4,5,and 6’s. further proof the entitlement blanket is getting bigger. again, i’m primarily talking about women in the late teens and early 20’s. look, i’m not suggesting less attractive women are second class citizens, but it’s just interesting to see how this has developed. i’m mean, when a woman is 5’1″, weighs 175, and is a 3 in the looks department and she’s acting like she’s doing me a favor by talking to me…..




any you guys also noticing this?

12 Comments on “Batshit Crazy”

  1. Slartibartfast says:

    I’ve been noticing this for years. If you listen long enough you start to get the sense that these women know how low they are on the totem pole and the ‘entitlement blanket’ is akin to the last wild flailings of a drowning swimmer.

  2. Old Glory says:

    They are a bunch of space cadets. Try working with some of them!

  3. UrbanCounselor says:

    Before I bought a car in January I was riding the bus a few months in a decent sized city. There was a conversation between some 20 somethings and somehow they brought me in( I look like I’m in my 20s) Long story short one of the girls mentioned to me that the other girl wants a guy to buy her a $60,000 before she gets married. SHE WAS DEAD SERIOUS. In the looks department she was a solid 6. And when I asked her why… she had NO SOLID REASON. Yes…I am noticing the same thing…SMH

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      i only noticed it a few years ago too.

      i was in japan, and there was a woman going to the base at my bus stop. she was also a face-7, body-5, personality-?. when she was getting on the bus (i let her on first) she she almost fell backwards b/c she was wearing a full sea bag and carrying a suitcase. i propped her up and she got on the bus. she asked me where i worked and i told. then i put my headphones so i didn’t have to talk to her anymore.

      we got off at the same stop and she ask me if was going to the base. i told her no. she then had the audacity to say she was hoping i’d help her with her bags. i laughed and said, “sweetie, that’s bf duty.” she mentioned i could be her bf that day and i told her, “until i brick in your mouf or on your stomach…i’m not yer bf.” that DID NOT make her happy and she called me a jerk. i corrected her, “ME!!!! girl i don’t even know you and you want me to carry your shit. look, we’re cool, but we ain’t fucking.” and i walked off.

  4. Spooky says:

    (Hand up)
    Yes. I’ve seen that.
    I have to admit I’ve done the batting of the eyelashes to get help carrying things before, but I asked nicely from the get-go and said thank you like a non-idiot.

    I do remember one instance from way back in Too Long Ago To Admit–there was a girl who left her purse. A guy very nicely got it for her and handed it to her.
    Her response was to give him the most thoroughly snotty look I’ve ever seen, (lightly, though too hard to be playful and she shouldn’t have done it at all) slap his face, and sashay off.
    She grew up to be about the same. Sad thing is, I knew her mom. And she definitely learned it from her mom.

  5. Lost says:

    It’s everywhere

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