Why do you Ladies make me take it there

it’s getting VERY hard to not be cynical about relationships and women. seriously, you ladies need to start policing the sisterhood when you’re out and about. firstly, i need to quit listening to “to catch a cheater” on my drive into work. it’s ALL women calling to see if their hubby is cheating on them. now, i’m NOT condoning infidelity. once i commit to a woman, THAT’S it. i caught my limit. i’ll break up with her and bang another girl before i cheat on her. the way i see it, if you’re not happy (male or female) and decide you want some strange, do it righteously and break things off with the other person. some of the scenarios on this show are just fucking insulting. i even emailed the radio station to complain….guess what they said in response?

there was NO response.

i was eating lunch and i overheard a woman say she WISHED her husband would screw around so she could “clean him out”. that was it. i was in the red. i looked behind me, looked at her and said, “please tell me you’re joking”. she looked at me and mentioned how wrong cheating is and that he’d deserve what he got. i told her she was hiding behind cheating being wrong when the real issue is she seems to be looking forward to him cheating and how she already has a contingency plan for the affair. she seems to be back pedaling and i told her she’s perpetuating a cycle that ultimately will pose GRAVE consequences……for her daughter. this got her attention. i asked her if she were hoping her daughter will get married and of course she replied that she did. i mention the MGTOW movement and marriage strike guys and she seemed to laugh it off as nonsense. i told her-

“i’m a 38 year old E6 about to retire and i will NEVER get married.”

then i told her how i’d never married and didn’t have kids and i had no intention to. she accused me of being bitter and i informed her that i tell other guys on active duty to not get married while in service and to avoid marriage until they’re 30. this seemed to finally get through to her. you’d be surprised how many single, eligible men are completely avoiding marriage. if this continues…good luck to her becoming a mother in law. she then brought up how bitter i sounded and i had to blast after that-

“nope, i LOVE women. i do. but i REFUSE to enter into a contract where i set myself up for poverty.”

she then told me i was using the wrong mentality to have when considering marriage. i then told her she has the LUXURY of not thinking this way. for men our marriage reality is VERY grim should the union fail. then she brought up loneliness a lack of sex which gave me a good laugh.

“are you kidding me, getting laid is EASY. and even if it weren’t….thanks to the internet, who NEEDS a girlfriend/wife.”

then i told her i have a website that helps teach guys how to chat up girls and that i’m VERY good at talking to and flirting with women. i told her to follow me. i walked over to the taco bell and got in line. there were 2 cute brunettes working and i told the woman to watch. when i got to my turn to order i told the girl i wanted an order beans and cheese. then i made mention of the AWFUL shirt she had to wear and she laughed. i asked her her name and she pointed to her name-tag. i told her that i didn’t know if taco bell used the stripper code of making you use a fake name. she laughed and told me her name really was Missy. i then asked her what made her wear those God-awful earrings and she laughed and told me she just loved the ear-rings. then she asked me i really hated them and i said “no” while shaking my head yes. she laughed and i told her the ear-rings were kinda cool because they brought attention to her eyes and she had very cute eyes. she told me thank you and i could tell she was kinda embarrassed. i laughed and motioned for her to come closer that i had a secret. she leaned in and i told her i needed her help to fuck with a woman watching us and i wanted her to give me her number, then i’d text her to show the woman i got her number. girl was in. she enthusiastically gave me her number and i told her i’d be back in a second. as i walked away i noticed something….

the woman was gone. i mean, she wasn’t even back at her table. i giggled. i went back to Missy and gave her her number back. i told her the woman had left and i didn’t need her number anymore. then she hit me with this…..

“well, keep it. you know….you can text me or something.”

i laughed and shook my head. and asked her how old she was. 19. she’s just 19. i told her i was WAAAAAY too old for her but it was flattering that she wanted me to text her. she didn’t believe me when i told her i was 38 and laughed when i mentioned it looking weird when people see her holding hands with a guy in a scooter. then i mentioned how cool it would be to take her out and get to finally use my senior citizens discount.

she laughed. of course she did. it was the “good” laugh though.

sad thing is though, that for the rest of the day i was pissed at that women even though i had a cute 19 yo validate me. seriously ladies, if attitudes like this continue your daughters are in BIG trouble. i know there were more i want to say to her, but she was gone. good thing i got to prove my point about chatting up women to her. apparently, it was a bit too much for her. i was only talking to Missy for 5 minutes.

19 Comments on “Why do you Ladies make me take it there”

  1. Professor Mentu says:

    Man, I really envy your ability/willingness to nuke hamsters. I really have to start doing that more often – I probably get one or two excellent opportunities per week.

    And an unmarried E6? Isn’t there a DoDi somewhere that prohibits that?

    I kid, I kid. But it wouldn’t surprise me.

  2. Slartibartfast says:

    As a fellow oldster (43 yrs) I have two comments. 1) I will tell a girl she’s too young for me but never that I’m to old. Make her qualify herself and 2) Please tell me you kept the 19 yr olds # !!!!

  3. Dirt Man says:

    Awesome Danny, kick they ass! Totally smooth though, I mean, shutting her down, whilst getting a fine 19 yo’s digits, and THEN having the charisma and class to turn her down cos she’s too young. Dude, this Missy chick must want you so bad, especially now that you’ve declared yourself inaccessible forbidden fruit. She’s probably having girly daydreams about you. You totally just owned today. Kudos.

  4. Ceer says:

    Way to go. I’d bet that since the woman left, her last impression of you was the middle aged guy leaning in on the smiling 19 year old. If she’s smart, that would leave her the impression that you were trying to communicate. If not, her loss.

  5. Danny,

    Well done for your good work. Stupid women like this woman need to be shown the damage they are doing to ALL women! Including her own daughter, as you pointed out to her.
    People think they live in a vacuum, but they don’t. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction somewhere, someday, even if we don’t see it.
    She does her husband in today, her daughter might pay for that one day.

    So good on you for exposing the wrongdoers.
    BTW, I think it was noble for you to ‘throw back the little one’. But if she liked you and you like her, why not? I know you will treat her good, so what’s wrong with pursuing her? Did you feel she was very immature or something?

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      I’m looking for a LTR, and a 19yo is a poor choice. I’m already uh….getting the beast fed, so I have no need to pursue a 19yo.

      She’s cute, but iAd no real interest in her, I just wanted to prove a point to woman who was talking shit.

      And I did.

      Sent from my iPhone

  6. aneroidocean says:

    “Nope, I didn’t. sometimes you gotta throw the little ones back.”

    I’m sick, so laughing hard at that made my throat hurt as I started coughing something wicked.

    Hurt so good.

    Nice job on the woman disappearing. I wonder if she went home and fucked her husband with some fervor. One can only hope.

  7. UrbanCounselor says:

    I just started following your blog a few days ago, and so far I’m VERY impressed. On a side note though, you sound like you were a fan of Patrice O’neal. Am I wrong?? The way you use “strange” and “righteous” makes me think so

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      well thank you and welcome to the Danny show.

      and yes, i was a HUGE fan of patrice. if you look in the archives is posted about his death and did a tribute. looking forward to seeing you more here.

      stay up

  8. Stingray says:

    Good on you, Danny. I truly hope you got through to her, but somehow I doubt it. A woman like that can rationalize her way out of nearly anything. I feel for her husband and her daughter.

  9. Spooky says:

    I haven’t heard anything like that in ages. Wow.
    Women like that are one of the reasons that I see nice guys going bitter. Which makes me upset, for obvious reasons.

    Also, the “bitter” claim is a really common argument from women, I think. But of course misused; I’m amazed that someone would think, ‘Oh, here’s a guy who takes umbrage to the idea of hoping for infidelity so his wife can kick him in the financial balls–he must be bitter and hate women.”
    Well, not amazed. More like unsurprised. And the fact that I’m unsurprised makes me sad.

  10. BeijaFlor says:

    Hey Nineteen, that’s ‘Retha Franklin
    She don’t remember the Queen of Soul
    Hard times befallin’ the Soul Survivors
    She thinks I’m crazy, but I’m just growin’ old … Hey Nineteen!
    Oh we got nothing in common
    Oh we can’t talk at all
    (Please take me along when you slide on down….)

  11. The Navy Corpsman says:

    Danny, mind if I point something out?

    It’s ALWAYS men’s fault. You don’t have to accept this, of course, but it’s the one truth in nearly every female vocabulary.

    You’re bitter.
    You’re angry.
    You’re going to be lonely.

    If there were one female hamster I’d want to nuke, it would be the one that makes women blame men for everything. If there were one male hamster, it’d be the one that makes men give a shit.

    The Navy Corpsman

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