Game school 101

one thing i’ve noticed about all the guys i know who are good with women, and it’s confidence. but where did you think that comes from? i know i’m decent with women, and there’s a reason for it. i realized it while talking to a friend earlier and making a brilliant realization. i have NO approach anxiety, i have a keen IOI meter, I’m quick on my feet with responses, and i’m a great conversationalist.

i’m also a teacher.

ok, ok, ok…not a FORMAL teacher, but during my 18 years in the navy i’ve been:

  • and EMT instructor
  • a BLS instructor (basic life support)
  • PHTLS instructor (pre hospital trauma life support instructor)
  • ACLS instructor (advanced cardiac life support, teaching doctors no less)
  • TCCC instructor (combat casualty care)

what does this have to do with ANYTHING? easy…

public speaking. i HAVE to be able to read a class and know when i’m losing their attention. my goal is for them to learn so i have to be dynamic and personable. i have to be likable and i DAMN sure better know my subject matter. fact: public speaking if one of the biggest phobias among most people. one of the first classes i took in college was public speaking and i aced it. i’d suggest all you guys out there looking to get better with chatting up women to take a PS class or a few acting classes. seriously.

but there’s more to it. i also get a TON of confidence due to my fighting ability. seriously, having some experience with krav maga (i’m starting training again soon) gives me a HUGE dose of confidence. fact is, most american men DO.NOT.FIGHT. or they won’t unless they REEEEEALLY need to, and more then likely they’ll fight poorly.

not me.

if you push me, if you try and butt heads with me….you will have a fight on your hands. i don’t care if i win or lose, i only care about causing you pain and defending those entrusted to my care. i found out a female family member had some issues with a guy. the family worked diligently to make sure i didn’t find out because i’d have pointed my car west and driven right to this individuals house to beat the piss out of him. when i asked why i wasn’t told my mother told me, “i didn’t want my son in jail. look at you…’re pacing.” she was right….i was fucking pissed. i have a protective streak a mile wide. DO.NOT.FUCK with females in my family or my woman. period.

so…..public speaking= social dominance. fighting= displays of strength and power. if you know a woman that DOESN’T melt with that combination, it’s because she likes girls. confidence, social skills, strength, humor, and red-pill mind set.

do that….and you’ll get the girl. or, at the very least, be better at making her work to catch you.

stay up.

12 Comments on “Game school 101”

  1. Bill says:

    Public speaking = social dominance.

    I speak on behalf of my employer to public groups four or five times a year.

    Last week, I addressed a gathering of the Junior League. Twenty-plus highly attractive, well-to-do women in their early 30s to early 40s. None less than a 5, median rank 7.

    The venue was supposed to have a screen and projector for my PowerPoint presentation. Somebody didn’t get the memo. No projector, no screen.

    So I did a 40 minute stand-up routine with no visual aids, just my charming mid-50s self. Twice I got half a dozen of them to join me up front so that I could arrange them as bar charts.

    They were eating out of my hand.

    The prettiest, a solid 8 in her early 30s (with a diamond as big as an almond on her finger) showed up 5 minutes after I started. I made her sit front and center in the first row. By the end, she was almost drooling.

    I love this part of the job!

  2. aneroidocean says:

    I’ve been thinking about taking a PS class. My father is a GREAT storyteller and I know that having adventures is important, but being able to articulate them to other people (so you don’t come off as cocky and instead as charismatic) is a killer combination.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      I suggest PS or acting classes. Either would serve you well.

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      • JS says:

        Improv is really good too, b/c just like in life, you dont get a script in your hands with all the clever lines pre-written for you. My acting coach teaches improv (I take one of his classes as well) and he knows a PUA/dating coach who sends him guys to receive improv coaching and sets up group improv classes for his PUAs with my acting coach leading it.

        Personal note, as an actress just taking acting/improv classes for yrs has upped my moxie…aka, in the past if someone was being crappy toward me, I’d just keep quiet. Now, I actually address the situation with confidence.

        As for the protection/fighting, it is a turn-on to be a guy who can take care of business. But sadly (as you know from our chats), it’s a quality that’s fallen off my “list” (aka gone the way of the unicorn) because so few men have it. If it were a “must-have” on my list, I’d never get to date anyone. But a guy who does have the nature and/or ability to protect you…that’s a turn-on.

        • dannyfrom504 says:

          “….he knows a PUA/dating coach who sends him guys to receive improv coaching and sets up group improv classes for his PUAs with my acting coach leading it.” that’s the primary fault with PUA game. it works, but it also relies (from what i’ve seen) on routines. i have lines that i always use, but i tailored them to me. that was the key issue in strauss’ book. he found a cool chick, but ran game so long he didn’t know how to be himself. game is just a tool, it’s the person using it thats crucial. just like a shovel doesn’t dig the hole itself, you have to know how to use the shovel and do work.

          “But a guy who does have the nature and/or ability to protect you…that’s a turn-on.” i have a story with this in mind….i’ll post it tonight.

      • JS says:

        Exactly! You see it with actors all the time….they take an improv class b/c someone recommended it to “open themselves up / be more spontaneous in their choices” and they freeze up w/o the script OR they trying being too clever / playwriting while in the middle of a scene without really connecting, taking in, reacting to their scene partner….PUA guys do the same thing, dont know how to read a reaction and switch things up. It’s art not science, cooking not baking, it’s jazz not classical. Gotta be able to be-bop through the rough moments, or you’re dead.

        • dannyfrom504 says:

          thats my biggest challenge with a writing “game” posts. i’m reactive to what the woman gives me to work with. but…..if you do what Yohami recommends and “game everyone”, you internalize it and you automatically use it when you need to.

      • JS says:

        yeah, it works that way in bed too. whenever anyone asks how to be good in bed. I always say, “have a bag of tricks (stuff you’ve done or read that works to please most) and be able to read her/his reactions and abandon all that you know and try something until she/he has a positive reaction.” I think 99% of success with others socially, professionally, physically (whether it’s dancing, giving pleasure, or inflicting pain/fighting) comes down to the ability to read others. Have it and you’re golden.

  3. i says:

    i can vouch for that. Ive been taking muay thai classes for some time now. its the martial art of 8 limbs. serious stuff. It has definitely increased my confidence and i can look into people’s eyes and not flinch.

  4. littlepdog says: (Wrong link in username)
    Irrational self-confidence (Roissy’s term) and a healthy dose of narcissism go a long way. I mainly maintain confidence through dressing sharp and always maintaining confident body language. Go stand against a wall with your feet at the top of your head touching the wall, keeping your back parallel to it. Then take a step forward and walk around maintaining that posture. You will look and feel like a fucking boss, and other people will perceive you to be one. I do feel a tad weird giving advice to you in this, since you’ve been in the Navy slightly longer than I’ve been alive… Haha. Everybody try it out and thank me later.

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